1st British Diesel Motorcycle Rally 2005


The 1st British Diesel Motorcycle Rally happened as planned and I'm pleased to announce that more machines attended than was predicted. We hoped for 10, thought we might get 15 if we were lucky, but found that between the 3rd & 5th of June we saw no fewer than 20 Diesel powered motorcycles arrived on site.

I'd like to thank all those who went out of their way and made the effort, especially those who travelled from overseas to get here. I can only book the venue and hope you will come. Without you there would be no event. I'd also like to thank Lynn and Carl at the Bat & Ball for being great hosts and those close to me for being of assistance over the duration. That includes Shelley for helping out with the Barby, Chris for taking pictures and Jeff for for driving out of town to get a tent, mattress and sleeping bag for Rudi - and not forgetting the Glow plugs for Johnny!

Those pictures below were taken by several people. They show some of the 20 bikes plus rally scenes. Enjoy!

The Saturday Runout took us to the Cafe at Bury Hil. Not all the bikes that attended went on the run.

The riders gather for a group-shot behind Johnny's Daihatsu powered bike.

Another shot of the bikes at Bury hill.

Here we see the first bike built by Ernie Dorsett, the Petter Lister powered Ambassador.

Here is a shot of the bike Ernie rides now, his AJS Diesel fitted with a Fuji Robin engine.

This Matchless belongs to Mike who travelled over from Ireland and brought Ernie to the Rally.

Here we see a shot of Johnny's 3 cylinder Daihatsu powered bike.

He we see a nice shot of Sam's Yanmar powered Honda. Note the gear stick.

Here is a close up of that Honda gearbox. It's an Albion, from a rotovator and has 3 gears. The bikes does 41mph.

This is Sam's other machine, the Yamaha XJ 750, powered by a twin Ruggerini unit from a roadsweeper.

Rudi is seen here aboard his Lombardini powered Royal Enfield. This bike later suffered a frame break but was ok to get home on .

A big thank you to Rex for bringing his machine along. This man knows how to do things in style!

This machine belongs to Paul, one of the visitors to the event and is a Hatz 350 in an RE Bullet Frame.


Wolfgang arrived on his "Yanfield". An RE bike powered by a V Twin 750.Lurking under the side covers are enough pipes to frighten a plumber. But this bike develops 20HP.

Tom astride his 380cc chopper made by Gaz's Workshop.You can get Gaz on his cell: 07840533064.


Here we see Peters bike. Originally a Taurus this machine now has a 462cc Hatz 1B40 engine.

Here is a close up of Peters Primary belt cover made using a Laser cutter. Clutch is dry unless it rains.

He we see only the second ever Sommer conversion sold in the UK from Charnwood. Thanks for bringing her Charlie!

This machine was built by Reinhard, and consists of a Lombardini 440cc lump in an MZ frame.

It wouldn't be England without a Trike showing up and I am indebted to Kevin and Sharon for bringing along their beast of a bike. The gears work to opposite way to what they would in a car.

This is Otto's bike (before it got painted grey), another Taurus coverted by Mr Sommer to run with a Hatz engine.


Here we see Nick's bike, similar to my own in that it is a 1B30 350cc Hatz RE machine.


At times the rally seemed to have Diesel bikes everywhere you looked.

German diesel motorcycle builder Jochen Sommer meets English diesel motorcycle builder Ernie Dorsett.


Me leading the runout. This sounded like rolling thunder!


The Bikes coming up to the base of Bury Hill.

Wolfgang on his 750 as the convoy speeds by.

Our very own 'Heart throb' Johhny, fixing those glow plugs :-)

German Rally Organiser Reinhard speeds by on his MZ based Flitzbitz machine.

A joke shared before the journey home.

The German guys checkout a Britsh Diesel bike looking like nothing they've ever seen before. This bike would not be legal on German roads.


Mikes gives the thumbs up while riding his Matchless.

Sam Bumby talks about his two Japanese conversions.

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