British Diesel Motorcycle Rally 2006


The 2006 British Diesel Motorcycle Rally went as planned and this year we saw a total of 16 machines attend. I'd like to thank the German guys for making the trip over from the Continent (in what I know was bad weather) as well as the British lads who also made the effort. German Diesel riders being Jochen, Peter, Olaf, Hans, Reto, Chris, Wolfgang, Johnny, Rafael and Reinhard. The British guys were Dave, Sam, Terry, Derek, Charlie Nikki and myself. And not forgetting Axel who came from Belgium and Sander who came from Holland!

Fortunately the weather in England could not have been better with an absolutely scorchingly hot day Saturday and plenty of sun on the intervening days. We treated everyone to a Barbecue on the Friday night which I think went down well and for the first time the Pub supplied a full English breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday.

As before there were a constant stream of interested and down right curious visitors throughout the weekend who asked all manner of questions and were even given the chance to take some of the bikes out for a spin.
The 2PM Saturday Run-out consisted of more machines than last year with 12 Diesel Motorcycles and 2 petrol machines. Most of the machines were based around the Royal Enfield but we saw Yamaha, Honda and Daihatsu machines as well.

Thanks to outriders Rafael, Dave and Terry for keeping the bikes together and Jeff for taking us on a very scenic run. The bikes were on the road for almost one hour before reaching Bury Hill where, unlike last year, there were plenty of other machines. After a break lasting about half hour we headed back to the Bat and Ball via a different route.

Talking to fellow rally goers I was able to pick up a few pieces of information of various aspects of the scene that may be of interest.
I enquired as to the state of play regarding development of the new Hatz diesel engine and was told that the situation is still very political. Competition dictates that if one major manufacturer brings out a new 500cc unit then, and only then, will the rivals look seriously at doing the same.
So far certain companies have been tempted to 'bore out' existing units only to find that later the crankcases crack with the added stress. I guess it's a case of watch this space.

I'd also like to thank Bill from the Thumper Club for making the effort to attend. We'd welcome anyone from clubs similar to our own coming along to experience our event in future. If there are two groups anywhere that are quite similar in what they wany from their bikes (torque) I guess we're them.

I was also urged to start an 'in house' forum on but on reflection I will keep linking to the (un-moderated)Yahoo group for the time being. This is because I just don't have the time to act as a moderator. If the Yahoo forum gets to out of hand down the line maybe we should think about starting a properly new moderated version.

The 2006 British Diesel Motorcycle Rally was covered by Motorcycle Sport & Leisure reported Peter Henshaw and so hopefully we can look forward to maybe seeing a piece appearing in that particular magazine in the near future. Thanks to everyone who let Peter ride out on their bikes and who consented to an interview thereafter.

I would like to thank everyone who made the effort to attend and hope that we can do it all over again next year. If you are thinking about organising a similar Rally in your country I urge you to have a go. Simply book a centrally located venue, place a few adverts and watch the bikes roll on in. It may be small to start off with but from acorns grow oaks, as the say.


Some assorted shots from a very hot and sunny Diesel Motorcycle Rally. I'll put some more up later. Enjoy!

We lined up away from the petrol machines and eventually some of their riders came over to check us out.

Johnny's Daihatsu engined machine parked at the top of the line.

Derek Walters 296cc Yanmar Honda makes its first appearance at the rally.

Another shot of Dereks Bike. The Honda gearbox was Tigged up and attached to the diesel.

Some experienced Diesel Riders answer questions from some of the visitors.

My Brother and Chris help do the Barby and burn a few sausages along the way. These small instant Barbys were no good at all. But we had no petrol to throw on them!

Olaf's Sommer 462cc Hatz with it's new glossy Grey paint job. We liked this colour a lot.

The rally in full swing under a blazing Sun.


A close-up of Dave's Diesel engine.

Sam upon his Ruggerini Yamaha with the Honda situated to the right.

Some of the visitors machines.

Another shot of the awesome Ruggerini Yamaha.


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