4th British Diesel Motorcycle Rally 2008


Bat and Ball

The 2008 British Diesel Motorcycle Rally started proper on the Wednesday 28th when I got a call that the first biker (Peter) had arrived from Germany. From then on the riders came in thick and fast until a total of 27 Diesel powered Motorcycles had graced the event. We saw everything from the Indian made Royal Enfield’s to the latest privately built creations, which included a Harley Sportster complete with variomatic drive and Punsun V twin engine. We also saw our first Common Rail (electronic) injection motorcycle when Andreas rode over his Smart engined machine from Germany.
I arrived back on Thursday to find Robert had also arrived from Germany in his Ruggerini Centaurus sidecar outfit but we soon found out the rear wheel bearings had not survived the run. Peter kindly rode to the local Enfield Dealer and procured a pair to get Rob out of trouble.

We saw some rain that afternoon and all took shelter in Jeff’s large tent until it blew over. Later that night Mr Sommer himself arrived with Wolf very late (2am to be precise). Luckily we were still up and able to give them some lovely beef stew especially cooked up by Shelley.

The next morning saw the rest of the guys from Germany roll in having spent the night at dodgy accommodation in Dover. From that point on the field started to fill up nicely with plenty of people riding plain petrol powered bikes camping over to checkout the more unusual diesel powered machines. Bikers we’d seen at earlier rally’s also took the trouble to return and it was good to see Kev and Sharon again on the Ford Diesel Trike.

First bike out on the run out which took place about 5pm Saturday.
Anyone interested in buying a bike had to look no further than Jochen Sommer, Henry Price of Price Part Motorcycles or Trevor Williams who had no fewer than 3 bikes on display and was selling parts necessary to convert Royal Enfield’s.
The Diesel Harley comes under some scrutiny.

It was good to finally meet so many guys who frequent and post the DieselBike.net forum. Cheers for taking an interest and taking the trouble to come!

As always at these rally's it's impossible to walk from one side of the field to the other without being distracted by something or someone. These gatherings are where you can get all sorts of knowledge and gossip and find out just about anything you need to know about your chosen ride.

Our first 2nd Generation Diesel motorcycle from Germany. This bike see's an 800cc triple Smart engine fitted to a BMW.

Here we see another shot of Mark's Diesel Harley. The engine is a Punsun V twin. Drive is by CVT.
Here's a closeup of the Thrifter, a bike that uses a Capacitor instead of a battery (see below). This bike will go to Russia this year. Latest: That Russian trip was a success!
The said Capacitor mounted under the rear rack.
A shot of Kev & Sharon's Ford Trike. We saw this at the first Rally.
Sam's Ruggerini VF Honda and trailor.
Steve's 500cc Kubota Twin all the way up from Somerset.
Rob changes a wheel bearing on the Thursday.
A close-up of Richard's Diesel Suzuki.
The Ruggerfield makes its first appearance at a Diesel Motorcycle Rally.
Most will be familiar with the Laser cut primary on Peters bike. Here we see the latest Mod, a belt drive rear wheel.
Epsilon provided the musice on Saturday night.
Jeff and Mark on guitars.
Keyboards and Drums!

Jeff on his 'old faithfull' Ibanez bass guitar.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped out and took the trouble to ride out to the event. Get building those bikes and see you again next year!

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