British Diesel Motorcycle Rally 2009


Bat and Ball

The first bikers started rolling in about Thursday lunchtime and from then on they just kept coming. In the end some were asking if we'd exceeded last years numbers but a quick tally up of the numbers shows that we equaled last years record with 27 diesel powered bikes. As always, a big thank you goes out to all who helped when help was needed and to my local MP Francis Maude who took the trouble to come along and see the bikes. Along with the many Royal Enfield conversions we always see there were some very special machine's indeed in attendance as you will shortly see below.

The great weather meant we had a good turn out this year with many people riding over to check out rally.

The Track T800CDI comes to the UK for the first time.

Attending its first european rally we were delighted to welcome the EVA Track T800 CDI Motorcycle from Holland. This machine was just outstanding in every way and I have to thank Erik for letting me be the first to test ride it in the UK. The quality of workmanship that has gone into this project is just the superb showing that EVA have produced a well balanced machine which delivers in all departments. I took the T800 out and rode it for several miles taking every opportunity I had to open her up and experience the kind of torque that only a diesel powered machine can give you. I have to say now that it is in a different league from any other bike I have ridden - the common rail technology sees to that. Great stuff!

Riding out and back again from the Bat & Ball on the Track T800CDI Diesel Motorcycle.

Three T800's were brought into the UK. Here we see the first production model.

Something very special sits outside the Bat & Ball.

Another star of the show must be Diesel Dave's Triumph Tiger conversion. This bike now sports a 1000cc Lombardini triple diesel engine and Ultima gearbox. Get Heiko (present on our forum) to build you one!

Here's a shot of Mike's 400cc Yanmar Royal Enfield Conversion. It's an early British Enfield with smaller wheels than later Indian models.

Mike got this bike with poor paintwork and decided to give it a coat of Brunswick Green.

He we see Whiskers on his Diesel Harley conversion.

Whiskers was inspired to build this bike after seeing Mark's Sportster (which came to the 08 rally) featured in a magazine.

A big thumbs up for the superb artwork done by Katie on Whiskers fuel tank. The likeness is uncanny!

Welding, fabrication exhausts and chaincase were made by Red Neck Trikes. Paintwork was by Katie at Katie's Airbrush Art. Jackshaft was made by Richard Cotton Engineering on 01403 786555. The Black Smiths shop supplied steel and welded some parts 01825 721009. Whiskers would also like to thank Uncle David, Trevor, Swampy, Sleazy, Roger, Honest John and everyone else who helped out.

When Joff brought along his non running old Indian import, Diesel Dave was just the man to tackle that seized injector pump.

A couple of hours work under a blazing sun and hey presto! The bike is up and running.

The Diesel motorcycles were accompanied by several petrol machines on the run out to Bury Hill this year.

A sidecar which came in attached to a diesel motorcycle. In a past life it was attached to an American Bomber aircraft and contained Naplam I am told!

Two shots of Dave Bakers 1.7 litre Diesel Sidecar outfit. The engine sits in back of the sidecar.

Sam's Ruggerini VF Honda using the RD engines gearbox.

One of the many Royal Enfield to come to the show.

Russ heads out on the run on his propane powered sidecar outfit. Checkout his passenger!

Lively debate amongst Forum members meeting face to face!

Diesel Dave takes the very popular Tiger out on the run out.

Charlie, Clive and Nick talk motorcycling and diesel.

And finally, as a tail piece, here's a quick shot of the Diesel Harley's exhaust flappers doing the business!

A big thank you again to all who made to effort to build and bring these great bikes to the rally - it really wouldn't be possible without you!

Additional pictures from Crazy Man Neil. Cheers mate!

If you want to stage an event why not book it in at the Bat and Ball? Check out their web site or call the Pub on 01403 700313. It is an excellent venue set in the beautiful West Sussex Countryside with three fields for camping and caravanning.

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