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Bat and Ball

My brother and I arrived Thursday lunchtime and, after greeting those already there, set up our tents in the event field. Unbeknown to me several Diesel Bikers turned up very early for the rally, arriving as early as Tuesday. It was great to see Ola over from Sweden along with the touring Andreas on his Smart powered BMW. Han's too had stopped off on his grand tour of the UK. He had set out from Vienna on his petrol powered machine having recently moved there. I helped the guys sort out their camping fees and then settled down to await the other arrivals.

About this time I started getting text messages from some of the other guys who were about to set out. Neil let me know he had just made the ferry from Northern Ireland. This was good news to my ears because he'd had last minute gearbox problems and it was doubtful at one stage whether he would make it at all! The mad dash fromhe ferry terminal wasn't without incident though as Neil lost items of clothing including a shoe, the items flying out of his rucksack as he high tailed it down the motorway. All in a good cause though mate :-)
Neil arrived on site at 12.30am Friday morning to be greated by myself and I think Ola. A cup of tea soon followed.

The UK's first Smart Motorcycle The Triumph Tiger, parked up after it arrived in Sussex from Northern Ireland.

Smart Tiger: Always good to see things like Turbo's bolted on to bikes. This bike turns in figures in the region of 90mpg or better. Just what we want!

Andreas Smart BMW arrived early. He had been touring the UK beforehand.

All the way from Sweden. Ola's amazing Rat bike. Limited to 40mph, he had, only days earlier, visited Santa Pod and taken it down the drag strip!

Here we see a shot of Rays new bike. It will soon be ready for the road when the paperwork goes through. It has a Yanmar clone engine installed.

Here's a shot of the gearbox. Ray says he may change this though in time.

Ian (from the forum) rode up from Plymouth on his fantastic looking chopper style bike (and one tank of Diesel). The engine is a 950cc Ruggerini and sounds excellent.

Seen from the other side, Ian's self-made motorcycle was one of the big attractions at the rally. He we see the Viking getting an eyefull.

Top marks go to Russ/Mouse who brought his project along from South Wales pulled behind his gas powered BMW outfit. The nearside ally head looks to have collapsed somewhat after overheating and so he may be in the market for a spare if you should know of one.

Here's a shot of the engine label. Save for a bigger view. Spares anyone? Old German car engine I think. This motorbike has since blown up!

Here we see Patrick Cramer upon his Hatz 462cc Ural conversion as he talkes to Sonke. He and Sonke later changed bikes for a spin out. The first time we've seen Patrick at the Big Knock and shame he and his friend couldn't stay longer. Cheers foming guys and hope you enjoyed the weather!

It wouldn't be a British Bike rally without a Trike being present and thanks to Tony one was, all the way from Stockport.

He's a look at the business end. It runs on a Peugeot 405 engine. Again, it's the first time we've seen this Trike so thanks Tony for bringing it down.

Here we see Sonke with his 'Mule'. This bike sports a Hatz 1B30 350cc Diesel engine. It took two days to ride from Germany. Another first for the Big Knock.

The earliest Enfield owners to arrive both came on Sommer conversions. Thanks to Matt and Klause for riding over from Germany.

Diesel Dave Warham's Triumph Tiger. Dave made it back in time to attend the Big Knock only after putting in over 400 miles on a scooter through Spain before catching the ferry!

Thanks to Teun for attending for the first time from Holland and taking just about everybody there out for a spin in this Peugeot powered outfit.

Everyone getting a spin out in Teun's Zeus Sidecar outfit!

Whisker's had his front wheel bearings collapse on him as he rode out the door and so had to make a dash to RedHill Bearings for some last minute replacements. They had them on the shelf! Again, thanks to Whisker's for attending.

Good to see Dan again. Is there no curbing this man's enthusiasm for Diesel Bikes?

Here's Kevin's Diesel Enfield. You can see it again at Uttoxeter later this year along with some of the other bikes here.

Here's a close up of his build sheet. Save to view larger.

A shot of the Diesel bike Henry Price brought along. He also brought the family hence the trailor. Check him out here.

Sam rode down from Staffordshire and will be organising the Uttoxeter show later this year.

Steve and son look over their Kubota engined Enfield.

Here we see Nick's 1B30 Hatz Enfield over from Kent.

Here's a shot of Graham's bike which was up for sale at the rally.

Here's a shot of Len's bike which may be up for sale as soon as his new bike arrives from Henry Price.

Here Gaye trys my bike for size whilst young Corrin records the event on my camcorder.

And Some Rally Shots.....

Jeff and Matt enjoy the sun.......and a shot of the UK's first common Rail Motorcycle.

The 2010 Rally T shirt and Len's Enfield.

Russ's Gas powered BMW and Chris and Corrin in the sidecar.

It's not even Friday and these two have started early!

It's too hot for some! And it really was a hot one this year! phew! Everone helps Russ with his bike.

The bikes come together ready for the runout to Bury Hill.

The bikes at Bury Hill. The sun was merciless there.

Dave's Tiger at Bury Hill.

Jeff, Len on Saturday at Bury Hill.......and the bbq Thursday night.


Everyone gathered about Russ's sidecar.

What it looks like from Teun's Sidecar.

Tony and son from Stockport.

Early on in the rally.

The Tube Snake Boogie Band rocked the house last thing Saturday. Man, they were LOUD! Thanks to the boys and Steve for his impromptu performance on vocals!

We gave out a prize this year to he who had ridden furthest from home to attend the rally. The award was named after Ernie Dorsett in view of the fact that he was the first Diesel Motorcyclist to seriously tour Europe from the UK. By common consent, Ola, from Sweden won what probably won't be the last of these awards.

I managed to get a cast metal motorcycle to go atop of the award. Thanks to Colin who did the engraving.Thanks again to everyone who helped out and made it happen. Everyone who built bikes, rode them hundreds of miles and contributed to the 2010 Big Knock. We saw 23 machines in the end and I for one enjoyed meeting everyone who came along to view them. And a special thank you to my other half, Suzi, for sharing me that weekend with innumerable others. And to those who couldn't make it.....we'll see you in Hamm!

If you want to stage an event why not book it in at the Bat and Ball? Check out their website or call Mark on 01403 700313. It is an excellent venue set in the beautiful West Sussex Countryside with three fields for camping and caravaning.

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