Rally Report of the 2002 Hamm Diesel Motorcycle gathering.

Fuelled by an ample supply of Royal Enfield machines and many amazing self build projects the 2nd Annual Diesel Bike Rally was a roaring (or should I say knocking?) success this year. Held at Brauhof Wilshaus in the town of Hamm in mid Western Germany it was attended by upwards of 30 machines.
The Landlord Willy was a most hospitable fellow and made sure that all present sampled either his light or dark home brewed beer as well as his roast boar and sauerkraut.
Most of the machines which attended were German owned Enfield’s sporting the standard Lombardini Greaves block but a growing number of owners had opted to replace this underpowered engine with the Hatz 1B40 462cc unit.
My Enfield, one of the only machines to travel out from England, was the single example fitted with a Hatz 1B30 350cc motor. A conversion carried out by the long established sidecar firm Charnwood Classic Restorations.
The earth positively trembled when the Extreme Biking guys arrived on their 1 litre Diahatsu self built bikes. Likewise when two 1000cc twin Hatz machines complete with sidecars rolled in.
The Rally organiser, Reinhold Hoetgers, displayed his own machine, an 850cc Italian Ruggerini engined MZ and also went to the trouble of setting up a separate engine in the courtyard so all could view more closely.
But I think most rally goers would agree with me if I say that most attention was directed at some of the more awesome looking creations.
Karl Hofschaller brought along his Volkswagen Golf engined DieselFighter machine and Mr Hubert wheeled out his amazing creation, the MoDite 1, a BMW R45 now fitted with 17hp water-cooled Lombardini LDW 602 engine.
Looking a little as if it had seen more road than the others was a giant Honda machine bearing the name ‘Raps Bear.’ This creation by Andreas Kossmann consisted of a 1.4 litre PSA engine married to a Kawasaki gearbox. The whole lot was then dropped into a Honda Bol’d’Or frame.
With private individuals turning out machines of this calibre surely it can only be a matter of time before a major manufacturer decides to build a half decent example of a diesel bike?
The Rally itself began Friday and finished Sunday and was punctuated with the obligatory run out, on this occasion to the local dam and reservoir at Mohnesee. Unlike any other classic bike run out there, there were no machine failures or breakdowns, the diesel engine proving to be reliability itself.
In fact the only casualty of the ride, if it could indeed be called that, was a lone cow who on hearing the approaching hoard of noisy bikers, gave us a startled look and bolted off across its field! Enjoy the shots!

The Diesel Fighter.

The guys have a chat over the Mr Dabrowski's amazing trike.

Johnnys bike.


One of Reinhards motorcycles. I think he made five of these.

Tom's NSU Outfit.

A Fuji Robin Enfield conversion.

Towards the end of I think it was Saturday all the bikes gathered in the courtyard for a photo shoot. Here we see Helmut (in white) & Reihard (centre).

The bikes at the Dam car park.

The bikes pull into the courtyard. 

Another shot of all the diesel bikes.




The courtyard.

Taken at the end of the rally, Me and Rafael.

Jeff in the Mohnesee Dam car park..

Another shot of the guys.

A cream and grean enfield Diesel. If I remember correctly the guy who turned up on this looked like moustachioed biplane pilot.


 Another shot of Toms Diesel Max.

Up goes the tent!

The Bar. Note that the covered area has not been added as yet.  

Raps Bear

Over the years this cow has moved more times than I care to remember. For the record, the first time we saw it, it was here, in the far corner.

One of the many camp sites we visited on our tour.


Vim's BMW.

Another shot or rally organiser Rienhard checking out the bikes with Helmut.

The Modite 1.

Vim's BMW Daihatsu.

Tom, Jochen and Sander checking out an 'extreme' bike for the first time.

The Dam car park.

On the dam itself

Additional shots of our tour to and from Hamm in 2002. In no particular order.


Unusually we couldn't find a rest spot and so pulled off here for a brew up.

The Lucky Monkey at Mons.

I too rubbed the lucky Monkey at Mon's and woke up the following morning with a flat! Fixed it with a spare tube I carried.

Over the years the campsite in the centre of Mons has become something of a favourite stopping off place.

A German campsite.

A quick photo op in the Ardennes.

We travelled back on a spectacular road in Germany and this campsite was on it. It was in a vast valley and excellent riding.

The NTV and Hatz at a Dutch campsite.

We saw these Actor guys in Mons and followed them into an old courtyard where they started acting out a play. Quite surreal.

On the road.

Another campsite.

If only we had facilities like this in the U.K. In house cookers, the lot!

We really should have bought chairs back then.

Dutch campsite infested with Mozi's. Bitten to death - almost.

Jeff checks out an American war memorial at Bastogne. You could go up to the top of this one.

Another brew up on the road.

Down at the German - Luxembourg border.

A few beers in Mons if I recall.

A Dutch camp site somewhere.

The wait for the ferry home in Holland.

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