Diesel Motorcycle pictures HAMM 2005 Rally

We arrived early at the Rally (Thur afternoon) and after saying our hello's to the Landlord Willie, and the only other two guys there, Helmut and Adie, set up our tents. It wasn't long before all manner of machines started tuning up including, for the first time, several Common Rail Diesel machines such as the Edimo bike below. This machine was constructed by a University and took approximately 4-5 years to come about. The main problem, as you might appreciate from the pictures, was getting the electronics right. One of the first guys there was the first ever Frenchman I've known to bring along two diesel bikes. One was a Kawasaki Peugeot 1.9 with an engine from a 405.

The other was a hybrid diesel/electric motocrosser. Everyone hit the Beer heavy on the first night and the weather was so good and hot that we all stayed outside until the early hours on both Friday and Saturday. Usually we all end up inside on atleast one of the nights. The beer was was most excellent and so were the pizzas. But the roast pig and sauerkraut was just great. The German breakfast was very much like the English in that it consisted of bacon and eggs, only it wasn't fried like I'm used to. Instead the eggs were scrambled and served with slices of ham and salami with plenty of hot bread rolls and butter to go round. Worth going just for that.The Run out was not to the Local dam as usual but consisted of a circular ride around the area.

I took my Hatz 350 and had one of the Smart bikes to my side some of the time. I got the beginning of the run out on film but alas the two Smart machines were not filmed as they seemed to roll out late. By then I was holstering the camera and sprinting for my own machine.The Thunder Star machine turned up early Sunday morning and was missed by several who left early. Some of the guys took it out for a spin and I managed to capture it returning from one such trip with the video camera. Most of the machines that turned up will be familiar to those who have viewed my website in some detail. Those pictured below are the new bikes (with a few exceptions).



It's Dashboard

Ahh, I remember the good old days of Diesel Motorcycling when things were oh so simple......


The Mighty ThunderStar in all its Glory

More details here on this machine.


A Smart engined Bike by Andreas Goschel. He has built this machine from a 1994 BMW.


The Kawasaki Peugeot 1.9. from France.

The Diesel Electric Bike.

Kubota engine drives a 52volt 3 phase generator from a chopper which in turn powers two 24v motors.


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