Report on the 2006 German Diesel Motorcycle Rally, Hamm.

My brother and I arrived at Brauhof Wilshaus at about 5.30pm on the Thursday leading up to the rally. I was riding my 350cc Royal Enfield Hatz while jeff as astride his Honda XL600L motorcycle. We were the third and forth to arrive having been beaten by a Lombardini Royal Enfield and a Dnepr 1000cc Hatz. We set up and headed into the courtyard to see the owner, Willy and were greated most warmly with a free beer!

We were in the bar that evening when in walked Sam Brumby who'd combined the Rally trip with business. He'd brought his Ruggerini Yamaha over in a hire van and lost no time in downing a few jars. Shorty thereafter Rafael (creator of the German Website) popped in to see all was well. Not long after that we all made our way back to our tents and crashed for the night.

About midday Friday, a time still before a great many bikes had arrived, Diesel Dave Warham came steaming down the driveway on his bike Sluggy, his Royal Enfield Diesel motorcycle, to a round of applause from us. Dave had taken the Harwich ferry to the Hook of Holland and had a 7 hour drive to the site.

Anyone familiar with will have guessed that many of the motorbikes attending were Royal Enfield based bikes. Infact we had seen all the machines before except three new bikes which you an see below.

The first bike is an ARDIE Major. A one cylinder machine using what looks like a 380cc Yanmar engine but I could be mistaken. Let me know if you know different. The owner got lost before I could practice my language skills on him.

A hand gear change is in evidence here on the right hand side of the bike.

The second new machine to arrive came direct from Holland and was built by Stephan Sanderse. He told me the frame was handbuilt and that the whole project took one and a half years to complete. The front drive was reversed and directed to the rear hub.

The engine is from a 1.6L Mk2 Golf while the front wheel is from a Kawasaki and the rear from a Honda. The Tank is a Yamaha and the front light from a 2CV. The trailor is Czech in origin (as all trailors seem to be at these rallies).

The third new machine to show was probably one of the strangest ever to be seen at the rally. It comprised of an NSU frame and had a huge 1D90Z Hatz engine (722cc) mounted into the sidecar. From here the drive shaft came straight out to the bikes frame proper where it was then connected back to the rear wheel via the gearbox.

The owner obviously took great delight in his strange creation as he was seen enthusiastically thrashing the machine about the field thereabouts.

This years runout was unusual in that we had a couple of stop off's. The first was for Coffee at a friend of Willy's. The waitress informed us her mother tongue was English and so we had no problem ordering a cuppa.

The second stop was at a nearby airstrip where we lined up across the runway for a quick photoshoot while a plane buzzed (rather angrily I thought) overhead. Then we rode down to the helipad to meet fellow Englishman Tony who looked after the choppers thereabouts.

Sander and Vim brought their motorcycles along and for the first time we saw Sander ride his machine. There was a problem with the old diesel fuel in the pump and this had to be drained off while some fuel line cleaner was introduced to the system.

Vim's motorbike had undergone an interesting respray. A little bird tells me he had intended the bikes colour to be nearer that of a Kawasaki but the paint sprayer had other ideas. But that doesn't effect the running of what I judge to be one of the best put together machines to show each year at Hamm.

Above we have a rare look inside Sam Brumby's Ruggerini Yamaha. Some of the drive wheels are mounted on wood! The clutch is no longer chain driven. Sam has recently had belt drives welded on.

Jochen Sommer from Germany and associated with Charnwood Classic Restorations of England again showed up and let me know that it is looking very good for the Hatz 1B50 Engine, a unit which has long been talked of but which hasn't, up until now, looked like happening.

This year it seems Jochen has some competition because the Diesel Wiesel has gone into production. Based around a 125cc Suzuki Marauder, I'm told this the makers may have sold as many as 25 machines. At the rally we saw atleast three, possibly four bikes.

The British Rally held earlier in the year is nowhere near as big as this event but it has provided the English guys with some knowledge of this Continental gathering and served to give them encouragement to travel out to it for the first time. I'm glad to say that along with myself and Jeff, Sam, Dave and Mark also came out and took great delight in sampling the local brew and viewing the bikes.

If you would like more detailed pictures of any machines please drop me a line and I'll gladly email them.

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