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Gordon Glovers Ariel Diesel Motorcycle

I am again grateful to the guys at R.M.C.S for sending me this article (amongst others) on a diesel powered Ariel produced by Gordon Glover, aged 24, in the late 1950's. The bike started life as a 350cc O.H.V. twin port machine. The cylinder barrel was re-sleeved to a bore of 67mm to give the bottom end an easier time of it. An old aluminium piston was strengthened and reshaped to a degree and machined down to fit the barrel. The air inlet is extended beyond the cylinder head thus giving a turbo effect when moving and to help cold weather starting, an ether pipe has been positioned to drip spirit into this intake. This motorcycle is still on the road but we have no recent shots of it! If you see it do send us a picture!

Gordon Glover astride his 300cc diesel Ariel.

The bike had a top speed of 70mph and fuel consumption was between 120 and 130 mpg


On the timing side one can see the home-made air filter fitted to the inlet flange and the end of the arc welded cam box of the injection pump fitted in place of the original Magdyno.


Visible on the drive side are the cylindrical fuel filter and injector in place of the sparking plug. Read the full article here.

Ariel Yanmar Diesel Motorcycle


Two picture's of the Yanmar Ariel. A close-up of the engine and a shot of the finished bike By Dr Robert Harms. No more Information Im afraid.


A shot of the complete motorcycle.

Lister Ariel Motorcycle

I've precious little information on this build but was told of its existance when I attended a charity Toy Run from Bolney Motorcycle Workshop to Crawley in December 2012. Aparently this guy had an Aerial Square Four which had burned out its rear cyclinders (don't they all?) and he had put an old diesel Lister engine into the frame. It was probably a single judging by the weight of those old engines but I record that brief conversation here for the record.

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