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Bernt's Daihatsu K series build.

Here we see the motorcycle built by Bernt. It was formerly a K series BMW 'flying brick' but now has the Daihatsu 1 litre, 3 cylinder diesel engine fitted. These engines were formerly used in the Charade car. Several others have built similar bikes (see below) because it is fairly easy to mate the gearbox and clutch and flywheel assy's. This particular machine has visited the British rally on several occasions.

The 'built in 1 week' Diesel Motorcycle by Mouse.

Mouse was forced through necessity to build his latest creation in seven days flat, fuel costs being very much on his mind. It features a Kubota 482cc twin engine from a refrigeration truck mated to a haft-drive and fitted into an older BMW R65 frame. No cutting of frame was necessary either! As always, Molly the dog was in the trailer behind!

There are intricate details of the build on our forum!

Mouse's Diesel Motorcycle

The project is based on a Motorenwerk Cunewalde 2VD 8/8 - 2SVL engine, which is German and made in 1974. It is 800cc V twin air cooled and rated at 15PS on the engine plate. Its engine plate also states it weigh 125kg but I kind of suspect it is a bit more than that. Frame is from a BMW R80.

This build has caused Mouse a headache or two but he's stuck with it and it's now on the road. Well done!

Update: The above bike melted one of its ally heads!

Andreas Loersch's BMW K80 Smart Bike.

Andreas Loersch shows his BMW K80 CDI at the 2009 Hamm rally. It sports one of the 800cc Mercedes engines.

A new smart bike for 2009.

BMW K100 Diesel Motorcycle

A stunning BMW K100 fitted with a Daihatsu 1000cc turbo engine. Shaft driven, surely this machine is a bluprint for how diesel motorcycles of the future should be presented. This bike is a regular at the rally and comes from Holland.


A nice big close-up of this nice looking bike.

Michael Breoker's Daihatsu Turbo BMW K100.

An excellently crafted machine and a regular at all the recent dieselbike rallies in Hamm

The Modite 1 Diesel Motorcycle

The beautiful looking motorcycle started life as a BMW R45 before the engine was removed and a Lombardini LDW water cooled twin fitted This engine is capable of generating 17bhp. Hubert, the bikes creator, was unable to attend the Hamm rally 2003 as he is currently engaged in constructing a new house. If it turns out anything like as good as his bikes do this man should seriously consider going into the building trade (if he isn't already).


These pictures of mine do not do this bike justice. It was the best turned out bike at the 2002 Rally

BMW R100RT 1981

Sam tells me his bike has a john-deere/yanmar engine ( TNA-72. 3 cylinder about 900 cc displacement.) Hei made a billet flywheel and bell housing so the original clutch fits. the transmission is original. The fairing was removed and headlight brackets from another bike were used. The forks are two inches longer than stock to give additional clearance to the front wheel/engine assy. Iit runs on ordinary diesel and he's used it also on 100% canola oil by CRISCO company (cooking oil) as a test. No difference in performance experienced except starting a little bit hard.
He built it about 5 years ago as an amusement and says the stack (exhaust) has the "required" flapper. <G>
Thanks for the info Sam in washington, pa.
This machine is now owned by Dave who tells me this bike has a top speed is 63 mph Best fuel gets 70 mpg at 55 mph. It loves biodiesel. I have repainted it added a faring and the tail section around the seat and have added duel tanks. I have reoutfitted the tubing with biodiesel compatible tubing and hooked up an electric switch to go from tank to tank. Future modifications may include getting a tall fifth gear to up my top speed and up my miles per gallon at 55.

Sam Mayberry's Yanmar BMW


Dave Hubbards 1986 Daihatsu/Briggs BMW Diesel Motorcycle


Dave Hubbards Finished machine.

David Hubbard from Wellsburg WV started with a 1986 R80RTand installed a 26.8 HP Daihatsu/Briggs D950 Industrial engine. Bellhousing is made from a propane cylinder top ,transmission top gear -1.35:1 from Wolfgang Kayser in germany. Bike does 70 MPH + with two riders burning used fryer grease (homemade Biodiesel).It has three radiators for cooling and the frame separates in half to service the engine. Thanks for the updated details Dave.


I've reposted this to help those who would like to construct a similar machine.

Avery's project bike


As it was then.

As it is now.

It's based on the Daihatsu D950 3 cylinder industrial engine. A BMW 5-speed gearbox and shaft drive are being used. Notice I have retained the engine driven fan (it increases the *gawk* factor!). The radiator is from a Kawasaki 1500cc cruiser. When this picture was taken, the downtubes had just been welded onto the steering head. The right rear section of the frame aft of the bellhousing is a rough prototype constructed from exhaust tubing. I use the Eyeball Design principle, so there is a lot of trial assembly that you see here to determine what *looks right*. Please note the picture has been touched up slightly to remove the jackstands from beneath the rear of the frame and the blocks holding up the rear fender! Early Harley Sportster fenders will be used, not the BMW fenders shown here. Wheelbase is a reasonable 61.5 inches.

1) The exhaust system is a 1-into-2 system ending in Harley Sportster mufflers. The flex tubing used for the exhaust headers was for development
and display purposes only. Intake and exhaust manifolds have yet to be fabricated.

2) The seat and tank shown are constructed of foam for development and display purposes. The final versions of both will be slightly different than shown -
e.g. larger tank (est. 400 mile range).

3) The bike is being constructed as a mild cruiser; it has a feet forward riding position a la Harley but retains the 27 degree rake of the BMW fork.

4) BMW drivetrain coupled to a 26.8 hp Daihatsu D950 industrial engine. The engine governor will be left undisturbed, permitting a top speed of about 60
miles per hour at 3600 RPM. If the bike performs as expected, I hope to obtain 1.35:1 gears for the gearbox from Wolfgang Kayser in Germany which
will result in a maximum speed of 70 mph. Dave Hubbard and Sam Mayberry in the USA (Daihatsu powered BMWs) suggest the engine can handle the taller ratio.

5) Radiator is NOS for a Kawasaki Mean Streak. By using the original belt drive cooling fan instead of an electric fan, I was able to keep the wheel
base to 61.75 in.

BMW Diesel Motorcycle

Alois Lorenz has produced a Diesel Powered machine by, I think, converting an existing BMW engine. The frame is BMW S R 25/3 and was made in 1955. While I'm unsure as to the engine, it goes at the bottom.


An elegant looking Diesel Bike

The BMW Project


It seems some students have put in work to covert A BMW Boxer engine to run on Diesel. More here.

Hickson Special


Behold, Brian Hickson's diesel Special! With a Kubota diesel engine and other parts from a Mini (BMW), Toyota Corolla, Honda and Suzuki Mr Hickson put together a bike that reaches 87 km/h and costs 1.3c a kilometre on fuel to run.

BMW Smart Bike

Andreas Goschel has built this machine from a 1994 BMW and chosen to fit it with an 800cc Diesel Smart engine.

The 1994 BMW complete with Smart engine.

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