Motorcycles using B.S.A. Part's

The Lakusch Diesel Motorcycle

Built by Helmut Schmidt, this bike had to be one of the highlights of the Hamm 2003 Rally. Presented in showroom condition the machine consists of a Kubota ZB600G-1 engine which has been neatly fitted into a Laverda Frame. The transmission is from a B.S.A bike.


The Lakusch 600cc Diesel Motorcycle

B.S.A. Rat Bike


New information on this bike from Sandy, the bikes builder.

I built this bike in 2000 as my first custom project. It was a feature bike in 100% Biker and I still own it. It has a 250cc Yanmah generator engine with Burman 3 speed (+ reverse) gearbox. I built it in a stripped down vintage style with homemade frame and BSA M20 forks. It is 5HP @ 3000RPM and does 45mph flat out. Another picture from the excellent Ratbike site.


Early B.S.A. Development

Alistair Cave, who was the factory manager at BSA for a number of years, until its closure, confirms that there was a project to fit a bike with a diesel engine. This was around 1953 or 54 and in conjunction with engineers from Daimler, which was a subsidiary of BSA at the time. However the impracticality of making a new engine small enough to fit a motorcycle frame, and the fact that they were concentrating on lightweight machines such as the Dandy, to supersede the Winged Wheel and the development work that had to go into this, plus, improving suspension on the larger bikes with the then new swinging arm suspension meant that the work on the diesel bike was dropped.

British Yanmar Diesel Custom Bike

This bike consists of a Yanmar Diesel cement mixer engine, with no mods, A BSA A10 gearbox and a custome built frame. Other parts used are as follows:
A one off exhaust, Aprillia rs125 front forks and brakes, wheel. Aprillia rs125rear wheel/brake. Ducati rear master cylinder.Sportster tank, moddified.
Colour: black magic pearl paint. Saucpan clutch cover. One off primary cover. This bike was built by Gaz's Custom Shack and is owned by Tom. You can get Gaz on his cell phone 07840533064.

diesel chopper

British Yanmar Custom Bike.

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