Motorcycles using Changfa Diesel Engines

Allan's MZ Changfa Diesel Bike

Last year I started building a brand new Changfa 186, single cyl, 400 cc, 10hp diesel in a frame of a MZ ETZ 250. It is now running, but needs the last 20 hrs finish. The drive is a Comet 44 series Torque Converter. Works well. Top speed about 90 km/h, and holds 70 km/h as avarage cruise speed. Frame is made 40 mm longer to fit the engine.
See bigger pics here :-,,

The price is 1350 EUR, and you pick it up at my place near Aalborg in Denmark

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Allan Korup's Changfa MZ Diesel Motorcycle.

Suzuki Changfa Diesel Motorcycle

Many thanks to Jerry James who recently let me know of his Suzuki based machine. The GS550L now sports an 8.8HP 6.5kw Air cooled Changfa Generator motor and uses a torque converter to drive the rear wheel. Engine is a CF186F unit. You can view more images and video of Jerry by using off grid and diesel bike search terms.Great stuff!



A nice shot of the bike just showing the rear of that torque coverter in there.

Jan Vegter's Changfa Royal Enfield.

This machine started out it's life fitted with a Greaves engine but Jan tells me it was in poor condition and the 296cc Chanfa (6hp) was fitted instead. Apparently this bike dates from 1975 and was originally owned by MZ. Some frame alterations were made in this time before it belonged to the present owner. Jan can be contacted via the Brons Website. These guys supplied me with info regarding the very first diesel bike built in 1904 and seen elsewhere on this site.

A Diesel Royal Enfield with an MZ connection somewhere in its past.

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