Motorcycles using CitroŽn Parts


The HSC 1360cc

This machine made its first appearance at the 2004 Rally. The engine is a Citroen 1360cc diesel lump whilst I believe the Gearbox and frame maybe Honda.

The HCS. A contender for best bike at the 2004 Rally.

The BOCCARDO Diesel Motorcycle

In 1977/78 the French Department of Industry announced that the BFG consortium had won its latest and rather unique construction competition. From the start it had been revolutionary in its thinking and aims - to put a car engine into a motorcycle frame.
Louis Boccardo, Dominique Favario and Thierry Grange (the said BFG) were awarded the prize and set about producing upwards of 450 machines all of which contained petrol powered GS Citroen engines.
Much was made of these machines and some even went into service with the French Police force. But there were problems and BFG ceased to make bikes.
Boccardo then decided to build another bike in the same spirit and this was known as the MF. Using the engines of Citroen LN he made a small number of bikes but this venture also failed.
Then he embarked on the manufacture of a small number of motorcycles using AX Citroen engine. Four machines were made but his greatest aim was to make Diesel Motorcycle so he fabricated a frame and inserted the diesel Peugeot engine from the AX Citroen.
This prototype motorcycle was number "0". The picture below was taken by Yves at the factory where it was being made.
Many thanks to Yves Claquin, owner of the pictured Diesel Boccardo motorcycle, for telling me the history of this amazing machine.

The Diesel Boccardo owned by Yves Claquin

And here is the motorcycle complete with sidecar.

(If anyone associated with BFG project, including Louis Boccardo, would like to contact me please do. Louis, if you read this why not come to the next Diesel bike rally? I'm sure you would find many like minded people there ;-)

Citroen BX Diesel Motorcycle

Built by Lajos Kishung, this monster of a bike has a 1.9 litre Diesel engine from a Citroen BX. Sadly Lajos was killed in a road traffic accident back in April 2001.


1.9 litre Diesel Citroen BX engined Bike.

Andreas Kossmans Diesel Motorcycle

Originating in Berlin, Andreas Kossmans Diesel Motorcycle first made it's public appearance at the 2002 Hamm Diesel Bike rally where it arrived on a trailor. I gather work is still going on with this machine, which sports a 1.4 litre Ally Citroen engine.


The futuristic looking machine from Andreas.

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