Commercial Prototype Diesel Motorcycles

The Altius Scimitar

The Altius Scimitar was set to launch in 2012 but we've heard little since. But the price looks very resonable for those living in India - 150,000 to 175,000 Rupees (approx. US$3360 to $3920). Do you live in Chennai? Have you heard anything about this bike? Drop us a line!

The HDT KLR Diesel Motorcycle

As HDT envisaged the commecial version of their Military, Multi fuel motorcycle based on the KLR. Very soon this motorcycle (named the MD670F) would be re-born and badged as the Altius Scimitar above. Stay tuned.

Altius Scimitar

HDT's converted KLR could become a reality for the general public in the near future.

Download the PDF fact sheet on this bike here.

Checkout the Military Production/Conversion page to see the development history of this motorcycle.


Latest: Price has been released. $85,000 (Euro 68,500). I understand you can buy a engine for £10,000.

Latest Sept 2005. Neander have said a bike will be entered for the 2007 speed trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Latest: August 2005: Neander Motorcycles have said that their bike will be available for test riding in Spain at the begining of 2006. Anyone is welcome.

Neander Motors of Germany have annouced that they intend to produce a Diesel Powered Motorcycle . Their revolutionary engine design seems perfectly suited to a Motorcycle and they will soon be offering custom built bikes.You can subscribe to the latest news from their website which has some animations of the engine in motion. Go here for their homepage


The Neander Prototype Diesel Motorcycle with Turbo. A 1400cc twin, Common Rail weighing in at 274kg. Power output is 67kw / 91 PS / 175 Nm. At last, a Bike that can offer the Motorcyclist real power and economy. I hope they recieve enough orders to succeed.

The engine has a unique arrangment down below, namely two crankshafts which eleminates vibration and enables it to generate large amounts of torque.

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