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The Diesel Wiesel

For anyone in Germany who fancys buying a Diesel powered motorcycle why not checkout these guys?

The Diesel Wiesel has long been a regular at the Hamm rally in Germany. Checkout the homepage here!

Brett's Diesel Cutom Builds - Portland, USA.

If you fancy getting someone to build you a custom Diesel Bike then look no further than Brett. You can contact him via the forum. Nickname 'Roverthetop'. Not sure if this is still available?

Two Diesel Motorcycles built by Brett. Why not get him to build you one?


Diesel Powered Royal Enfields are now a reality at Price Part Motorcycles.

Diesel Engine powered Royal Enfield motorcycles are now here, powered by the Yanmar clone engine of 406cc. They now come with electric start, choice of front brakes, either the new disc brake or the classic twin leading shoe drum brake.
These are carefully rebuilt, the frames are powder coated gloss black, all small fitting parts, ie swinging arm, centre stand, foot rest pedals rear mudguard stays are also powder coated gloss black.
The wiring looms are all replaced with new genuine Royal Enfield looms, all switches are either OE supplier or factory original.
Wheels all have new hubs with stainless steel spokes and wheel rims fitted.
A choice of tyres is available, but standard is the classic Avon Speedmaster Mk2 tyres, size 3.25 x 19 front and 3.50 x 19 rear.
Other tyres can be fitted as etxra.
The mudguards, diesel tank, and tool boxes are all painted gloss black.
The dual seat is fitted as standard but single sprung seats are an option.
For more details please contact Price Part Motorcycles.

Sommer Royal Enfield 462cc Hatz Diesel Motorcycle

This Enfield based motorcycle and it's newer counterpart are are available from Sommer. Go here to see the full range and more information on Sommer.


Many Sommer bikes have been built using the The Hatz 462cc 1B40 engine.

Beckedorf Royal Enfield Diesel Motorcycles

If you fancy a Royal Enfield with a 440cc Italian 15LD Lombardini engine look no further than Beckedorf.


A Royal Enfield with an Italian Lombardini Engine.

The Horvath Diesel Motorcycle

Apparently Classic Corner Horvath builds Acme Diesel Engines into Royal Enfield Frames. Go here for more information.


Classic Corner Horvath looking very like a triumph?

Loew 1000cc Hatz Twin Diesel Motorcycle

Checkout this link to find out more about this amazing Dnepr based MT11 Hatz 1000cc twin Diesel Bike. The bike has a horizontally positioned Hatz engine which is blower cooled.



Please visit Loew-gmbh.


Royal Enfield 'Salad oil' Motorcycle

Built by the Altmann company this is a Royal Enfield Bullet complete with 406cc L100 'Yanmar' ( Kama KM186, Changfa) clone engine. I've put in in the Commercial section but you should be aware that the company is not producing them and so you cannot buy one as such. Although you may be able to buy the plans? You will have to enquire through their excellent website here.

Y2K Turbine Bike

There used to be time when diesel bikes were talked of as the slowest bikes on the road. Not any more. Indeed, this machine rates as just about the fastest machine going. On opening the throttle one rider described the thrust of the bike thus: "It's like the hand of God pushing you in the back"


It's cost is $150,000. Inventor Ted McIntyre of Marine Turbine Technology. Top speed is said to be over 250Mph. The gearbox has just one speed but who needs more when the turbines compressor speed is up around the 54,000rmp mark. The engine's meant to lift a 5,000 kg helicopter and it's only pushing a 230 kg bike. No wonder the tires start to smoke at 175Mph. Originally designed to run on Kerosene the engine has been de-tuned to run on good old diesel. I've put this bike in this section because, although the frame seems original, the engine isn't. Website is down.

3 24



Motor: Rolls Royce Allison 250 gas turbine.
Power: 239kW @ 52 000rpm.
Torque: 577N.M. @ 54 000rpm.
Transmission: Single-speed plus neutral with chain final drive.
Suspension: 54mm White Power cartridge forks adjustable for compression and rebound damping at front. Ohing monoshock adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping at rear.
Brakes: Twin 320mm floating discs with six-pot opposed piston Ferodo callipers at front, 320mm floating disc with six-pot opposed piston Ferodo calliper at rear.
Tyres: Front: 120/70-ZR17 tubeless. Rear: 200/50-ZR17 tubeless. Wheelbase: 1803mm.
Seat height: 800mm.
Dry weight: 209kg.
Fuel capacity: 34 litres (diesel).
Price: US$180 000


Dnepr Hatz

This machine sports a 1000cc Hatz engine and is available from Ohio, USA. The Price starts at approx $12,000 as seen on ebay. I'm not sure this is available still?

yuris dnepr

I've seen this bike regularly on Ebay (check the feedback). Yuri is based in the USA and can be reached on: Tel. 1-440-341-3176 Yuri 1-216-635-1831 FAX

or dneprworld@yahoo.com

Please note1: I have received email refering me to the Dneprheads Yahoo Group where comment has been passed on the business dealings of Dneprworld. Those thinking of buying one of these machines should read up as much as they can before doing business. P.S. The above link has been updated to the message board index

Please note2: It has been brought to my attention that anyone wishing to buy a Dnepr should be aware that the build quality of these machines is not good. You have been warned.

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