Motorbikes using Dnepr Parts

VW diesel motorbike by Russ (Mouse).

Russ picked up this 1995 VW 1.9Litre Golf engine for a grand total of £21and fitted it into an old Dnepr frame. It's seen here at the 2011 Hamm Rally. The motorbike made it there and back despite having to recieve a new battery on route. Months later it put a piston through the side of the engine and sadly is no more. More on this bike on the forum.

Russ is known on the UK Ratbike scene for his diesel motorcycle builds.

John's Daihatsu 1000cc turbo- Dnepr conversion

Checkout all the build information for John's Daihatsu Dnepr conversion on the website forum bike building group.

Johnfireballs Daihatsu Dnepr conversion.

Loew 1000cc Hatz Twin Diesel Motorcycle

Checkout the link below to find out more about this amazing Dnepr based MT11 Hatz 1000cc twin Diesel Bike. The bike has a horizontally positioned Hatz engine which is blower cooled.



More info here:Loew-gmbh.


Johnny's Daihatsu Diesel Motorcycle


To find out more about Johnny's bike you can vist a website which gives details of all the German Daihatsu conversions. Johhny tells me he decided to get his bike registered in England (see the plate) so as to simplify the matter. It is about 9 years old and the 1000cc engine is housed in a Dnepr frame.

The Romanian Karpaten Diesel Motorcycle


The frame is a Dnepr but I have no idea about the origins of the engine (unless its a Karpaten).

Russian Diesel Motorcycle?

I saw this machine at the 2003 Rally, thinking at first, it was a 1000cc Hatz powered Dnepr. But on closer inspection it appears to be a Kubota powered bike.


Looks very like the Loew bike......but I don't think it is.


The Pink Diesel Motorcycle

A Russian Dnepr framed Motorcycle with an Italian Lombardini engine. It belongs to Pasi and Lisa Pellikka.


One large Pink Russian Please!


Dnepr Hatz

This machine sports a 1000cc Hatz engine and is available from Ohio, USA. The Price starts at approx $12,000 as seen on ebay.

yuris dnepr

I've seen this bike regularly on Ebay (check the feedback). Yuri is based in the USA and can be reached on: Tel. 1-440-341-3176 Yuri 1-216-635-1831 FAX


Please note1: I have received email refering me to the Dneprheads Yahoo Group where comment has been passed on the business dealings of Dneprworld. Those thinking of buying one of these machines should read up as much as they can before doing business.

Please note2: It has been brought to my attention that anyone wishing to buy a Dnepr should be aware that the build quality of these machines is not good You have been warned.

Bretts Dnepr Lombardini Diesel Motorcycle

I'd like to thanks Brett for sending me these picyures and more of his modified Dnepr. More details when I get them.

A shot from the left side of Bretts Bike.

And a shot from the right without the sidecar.

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