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Ford Based Diesel Motorcycle trike from Germany.

Thanks to Rafael who runs the German site dedicated to diesel motorcycles for this information (see links page).This bike was built by Sven in Germany and is powered by a 1.8 TD engine taken from a ford Escort. It produces about 90HP and the whole outfit, including side car, weighs in at 600kgs. Top speed is in the region of 150km/h.

Svens Ford based Diesel motorcycle complete with side car.

Gaz's Ford Diesel Bike

Here we have a shot of the first Diesel Bike built by Gaz (builder of two diesel choppers). Picture comes curtesy of Diesel Dave. Details are as follows: The engine is a Ford 1.6 Diesel with a Ford 5 speed box (although he may swap this for a Ford CVT box). Final Drive is a welded up differential woth Jap shaftie rear end. Frame - actually there isn't one (say Dave)... The headstock bolts to the cylinder block and also acts as the inlet manifold. The rear bolts to the back of the block.The bike was originally attached to a sidecar - actually a cut down Reliant. It was built some ten years ago.

Haydn's 1.6 Fiesta engined Diesel Motorcycle


Haydn's 1.6 litre Ford fiesta engined Rat bike. More here.

Kevin and Sharon's Ford Diesel Trike

Kevin and Sharon have attended the Big Knock rally in the U.K. on several occassions. The trike itself using a Ford 1.8 Litre Ford diesel engine commonly found in the older Ford Escort vans of the day. They went well - we should know because we owned one! Kev told me the Trike did suffer some damage in recent years after hitting some poorly maintained road but I know it is now back on the road.

If you are into Diesel Trikes then you'll find them on their own pages here.

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