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Disclaimer: This website takes no responsibility for any damage caused by running an engine on fuel made from methods/formula's listed on this site. If in doubt consult your vehicle manufacturer/dealer.

Fuel Recommendation.

For Riders in the U.K. this site recommends BP Ultimate Diesel because of it's 55-57 Cetane rating. If this is too expensive for you then coming in a close 2nd is Shell Extra Diesel with a cetane rating 53-58.

Making used cooking oil more usable.

Simple formula for removing the fatty deposits left in rape seed oil after cooking.

1: Filter used vegetable oil (I used rapeseed) using good quality tissue paper folded twice and inserted into a funnel.
2: Add a small amount of White Spirit (an inch or two if that, provided you are using old mineral water bottles) and shake it up.
3: It should go cloudy with white particles. This is the heavy fat beginning to bind together. You want this out of the oil.
4: Leave it at room temperature and this will settle over the next week or two.
5: Pipe off the clean oil on top and discard the white fat on the bottom. Filter again if the white fat has not settled. Filters will catch it easier now it is bigger.

6: The finished article should be more like the original oil.

Note: I left a filtered small bottle outside on a cold night only to find that still finer particles of the white stuff had appeared the next day. I filtered again.

Bio-diesel manufacturers say all vehicles can run atleast 50/50 on it. See disclaimer.


Recommended Fuel sites:

Checkout the Vegburner.co.uk website here.

Plantdrive are an interesting company. Check out their main site and read the 'Learn more about SVO' page: Plantdrive.com

Also checkout GreaseCar.com here.

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