Motorcycles using Hatz Parts

Treven Bakers Hatz Powered Diesel Motorcycle

I am grateful to Treven for sending me details of his build. He says..."I have wanted a diesel bike for about 20 years. I finally built it and got it on the road today. I bought the frame and trans adapter from Dave Emmons along with lots of helpful tips and ideas. The rest came from ebay or my back yard. The head light is WWII US Navy IHC parts truck I have. The forks and front wheel are BMW. The front shocks are the old rear shocks from my KZ550 I cut up. It has 1 to 1 high gear in the trans and 3.5 in the final giving me about 68 MPH at 3,000 RPM and it will do it with ease. Thanks for your website for inspiration! I'm in Craig Vetter's fuel economy race on Friday so I still have some long nights to finish all the wiring and some details."


Treven with his newly built Hatz Diesel Motorcycle.


Sonke's New Hatz DieselBike

Following on from his Gustav motorcycle (see here) we see a couple of shots of Sonke's latest dieselbike built around a Hatz engine.

Patrick Cramer's Hatz Ural Diesel Motorcycle

It was a pleasure to meet Patrick Cramer for the first time in Hamm 2009 and I thank him for telling me about his homemade motorcycle. Based around a 1970's Ural he constructed it 3 years ago sourcing extra parts from Ural-Hamburg.

He used the original gearbox and fitted it to a Hatz 462cc engine more commonly found on the machine's produced by Jocken Sommer.

Patrick told me he also used the original shaft drive but changed the cogs at the rear wheel to the second largest setup possibly 10-30 or 40. He also said the machine attended the recent dieselbike event in France. He has also been to the UK rally on this bike.

A shot of Patricks engine plate.

Mike's Honda CB232D Hatz Diesel Motorcycle

Over the past year and half I have planned, bought parts for, and built my motorcycle. And now I finally have it on the road. A short description is as follows:
The bike is a 1980 Honda CB125, the original petrol engine blew after only 2800miles of abuse. I would say the bike was perfect for my use. I purchased a Hatz 1B20 diesel on closeout sale from northern tool and equipment for a good price. I also purchased a Comet Industries TAV2 torq-a-verter transmission (assymetrical CVT, with built-in clutch). In Dec of 2008, I took 3 days to mount the engine and transmission in the frame. I made a front motor plate, reinforced the down-tube, and made rear engine mounts. The drive sprocket lines up nicely with the rear sprocket. I spent spare time in january of 2009, disassembling engine and cleaning fuel system, engine sat for at least 5 years with fuel in it, varnish on all pump and injector components. In Feb of 2009, I took some time and made foot pegs, hooked up throttle, put on chain, and took care of basic maintenance on the bike (replace front brake cable, change tubes/tires, adjust brakes). Just a few days ago, the weather was nice enough to go for a test ride. The bike runs great. I choose the name CB232D, to reflect the displacement of the new engine, and diesel fuel. There are still some things to do including: proper exhaust, wiring bike (hand start right now), hand grip engine kill, and tuning the gear ratio/transmission for best performance. At the moment acceleration is "gradual". No top speed or mileage data yet. if there is snow, it is too cold for extended riding!

Mike L.

Out for a test ride!

A mock-up of Mike's Honda just before the engine was fitted.

Hatz Moto Guzzi

Here we see Claude Baudin's Hatz powered Moto Guzzi. Claude finished the bike in early 2008 and has already attended a rally in North Carolina where the bike got plenty of attention. He rode 300 miles on half of a 6 gallon tank! And with his homemade biodiesel costing him US $.65/gallon... that ride was less than 2$ in fuel.

Hatz Ural Motorcycle

I'm grateful to Dave for sending me this picture and details forwarded onto him from Alaska. Ural Dealer Pete Marsh has managed to fit a Hatz 2G40 Diesel engine into his two wheel drive Ural motorcycle. I guess two wheel drive is essential for any machine used in these kinds of conditions and the diesel's torque would be ideal as long as it doesn't wax up from the cold.

Alaskan Ural Dealer Pete Marsh stands beside his Diesel Powered Ural motorcycle.


The ECO RIDER Machine has a low operating cost, about 11p per hour on Diesel engine version and will tow a trailer up to 250kg. The engine is a 232cc Air Cooled Hatz 1B20 Diesel and it has a top speed of up to 25mph.The Petrol version comes with a 175cc Kohler Command Pro engine. It comes with electric start, automatic clutch and torque converter final drive. This bike is on this page rather than the Current Production page because I suspect the engine was not specifically designed for this bike.

If you are in the U.S.A. you could get details on this machine here at EcoRider U.S. but the site is down now. The EcoRider Forum is also down.

The Eco Rider can be purchased in a Diesel Version.


The EGLI Diesel Motorcycle

I've put this machine in the Private section because it appears to be a 'one off' even though it has been build by the Swiss Motorcycle dealers Egli. The engine is a Hatz 2g40 997cc lump but I'm not sure about the frame which I think is of Russian origin.

A rare Swiss build Diesel Motorcycle.


The Charnwood Royal Enfield 350cc Hatz


Enter the HATZ!!! Again we see the trusty Royal Enfield Bullet, this time fitted with a German made 350cc direct injection HATZ 1B30 Diesel engine. With 1:22 compression, electric start and good cold start performance this bike is just the thing if you aim to travel on the cheap with fuel consumption at 170 m.p.g. The engine produces 9 b.h.p. and is governed to around.

Noted facts about this bike. Tick over has a tendecy to slow if bike leans to the left and speed up if leant to the right. Something to do with the centifuge? Or guvenor? Also, the engine will always stop in the same place meaning you don't have to look for compression. Just kick it over.

This bike is no longer made or sold.

TEL 01530 832634 FAX 01530 832357

Loew 1000cc Hatz Twin Diesel Motorcycle

Checkout this link to find out more about this amazing Dnepr based MT11 Hatz 1000cc twin Diesel Bike. The bike has a horizontally positioned Hatz engine which is blower cooled.



Please visit Loew-gmbh.

Yuri's Dnepr Hatz

This machine sports a 1000cc Hatz engine and is available from Ohio, USA. The Price starts at approx $12,000 as seen on ebay.

yuris dnepr

I've seen this bike regularly on Ebay. Yuri is based in the USA and can be reached on: Tel. 1-440-341-3176 Yuri 1-216-635-1831 FAX

Please read elsewhere on this site that stock dnepr bikes do not have high production values!



Sommer Royal Enfield 462cc Hatz Diesel Motorcycle

Go here for more information on the Sommer Hatz.


The Hatz 462cc 1B40 engine develops 11bhp.


The Hatz 'Diesel Max' Motorcycle and Sidecar

A regular at the Hamm rally now, Thomas Weis from Kirchdaun comes on his wonderful blue NSU 'Diesel Max' machine. The bike has an old Hatz engine at its core and a pretty unusual one at that. I was particularly taken with trying to work out the route the air took over the cyclinder. It has no fins, just an outer sleeve with many internal holes. I thought the air was blown over it but I'm told it may be sucked.




Big picture from 2002 rally while the smaller is from 2003. Some alterations evident on primary drive side.

BMW Diesel Motorcycle

Alois Lorenz has produced a Diesel Powered machine by using an old Hatz E673 type engine. It produces 6hp having a capacity of 28cc. The frame is BMW S R 25/3 and was made in 1955.


An elegant looking BMW Diesel Bike withan Old Hatz engine.

The ZuendHatz Diesel Motorcycle

I think there are two of this motorcycle. It consists of a Hatz single cylinder engine which has been fitted into a Zündapp DB 200 frame from 1948. Transmission is from a DKW.


A very nice looking 'Vintage' Diesel Motorcycle.

Fermer Hatz Diesel ATV

The Fermer ZDT is a Russian 2 stoke bike which originally came with a 197cc engine. Martijn Stehouwer is in the process of modifying one of these machines by fitting a Hatz 1B30 engine. If I find out this is more of a commercial venture I shall move the bike into the appropriate category. Martin can be found at EMOT Racing.


A 350cc Diesel ATV in the making.

SUPERCHARGER by Rynhart R&D - One that didn't make it into production.

The facts

Any owner of a Hatz powered diesel motorcycle would have been overjoyed at the prospect of being able to supercharge their machine. This looked very much as if it would be possible what with the progress made by Irelands Rynhart R&D in this field. An article detailing this companies development work up until 2002 is available from the Bullet-in magazine(see links page under literature), available on the internet (.pdf format).

Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse over the last year or so. Derek Rynhart told this site that he had been forced to call it a day and wind his company up due to the fact that his superchargers were too good. Combustion pressures of the Hatz 1B30 are 55bar but Rynharts supercharger put these up to 100bar which resulted in four broken crankshafts. The superchargers were O.K. on the bigger 1B40 engines but still there were problems. The engines fuel pumps could not generate enough pressure to get the diesel into the chambers.

It was with these problems in mind that Hatz told Rynhart they were not prepared to upgrade all of their engines to take account of the super chargers capabilities. Given that Rynhart managed to more than double the BHP of the 1B30, this is a shame for riders who ride 1B30 Hatz engined bikes. No doubt there are more details that may come out in time but those above give the main reasons why we will see no supercharged hatz motorcycles in the near future.


A Rynhart R&D Supercharger fitted to a Hatz 1B30 powered Royal Enfield.



This Hatz sure looks mean with that supercharger on.



We saw this machine for the first time at the 2004 Rally in Hamm. The frame, drive and gearbox are AWO whilst the front is Hatz. The Cyclinder is Homemade. I do not know the CC of this machine but it is very attractive looking machine.

The Hatz AWO at 2004 Rally.


HATZ 1000cc

Here we see a Hatz 1000cc machine which looks like a private build similar to the LOEW machine.

A Hatz 1000cc machine. A machine with huge amounts of pulling power.



Ever heard of the Rokon? Apparently they're quite big Stateside. Reading through their page I find that some were made with diesel engines at one time.

A big thanks to Dave who sends me this picture of a genuine Diesel Rokon. He tells me these machines are used by a certain mining company in Mexico. Bob from Rokon World tells me only about 20 of these machines were ever made. I've put it in this section because it was actually converted from the petrol, all be it by Rokon themselves. They (perhaps mistakenly) used the Hatz 1B20 engine and understandably were not overly impressed by its power output. Other's have used the 1B30 & 40 engines.


An American made Diesel Rokon motorcycle.

Note: With the military so interested in Diesel powered bikes and given that the American and British Armies have used Rokon machines at various times one can only speculate as to why they never ended up owning any Diesel versions of the bike. I suspect the Rokons overall design meant it was never really suitable for the kind of things the army use bikes for, namely despatch, and convoy work. And these days both armies favour the Quad bike by all accounts.

This link is a bit hit and miss (and no mention of the Diesel that I could see) but some of the site appears to be working.

Leonhardtweb Gunbus Hatz Diesel Bike

Here we see the custom made Gunbus machine complete with Hatz engine overshadowed somewhat by another larger project. This was built to order.

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