Motorcycles using Lombardini Parts

Hieko's Triumph Tiger Lombardini Conversion

This machine made by Hieko (again go to the forum to find out more about this prolific diesel bike builder) is being touted as the next step on for those considering a build. It uses a 3 cylinder Lombardini engine coupled to an Ultima gearbox. That assy is mounted into a Mk1 Triumph Tiger. To date (5/9/09) 3 have been built. This particular bike is owned by the forum's Diesel Dave.

Diesel Dave's Diesel Tiger.

The Flitzbitz

This machine was recently produdced by the organiser of the German Rally, Reinhard. It consists of an MZ frame, lengthened slightly and the very latest Lombadini 440cc diesel engine. This machine has two stage injection and does almost 300 mpg. The chain to the rear wheel has be removed and replaced with a belt drive.

The Flitzbitz making its debut at the 2004 Rally in Hamm.

Beckedorf Royal Enfield Diesel Motorcycles

If you fancy a Royal Enfield with a 440cc Italian 15LD Lombardini engine look no further than The Beckedorf creation.


A Royal Enfield with an Italian Lombardini Engine.

The Modite 1 Diesel Motorcycle

The beautiful looking motorcycle started life as a BMW R45 before the engine was removed and a Lombardini LDW water cooled twin fitted This engine is capable of generating 17bhp. Hubert, the bikes creator, was unable to attend the Hamm rally 2003 as he is currently engaged in constructing a new house. If it turns out anything like as good as his bikes do this man should seriously consider going into the building trade (if he isn't already).


These pictures of mine do not do this motorcycle build justice! It was the best turned out diesel motorbike at the 2002 Hamm rally.

The Pink Diesel Motorcycle

A Russian Dnepr framed Motorcycle with an Italian Lombardini engine. It belongs to Pasi and Lisa Pellikka.



One large Pink Russian Please!

Royal Enfield Lightning Diesel 435cc with Electric Start

I'm at something of a loss regarding this machine. If anyone has any hard facts please let me know. Perhaps its one of the last Diesel Variants before production stopped at Royal Enfield. I think the engine is a Lombardini but I could be wrong.


The Lightning.


Royal Enfield Lombardini Diesel Motorcycle

An older Royal Enfield with Lombardini engine.

Sooraj 325cc Diesel Motorcyle


The Sooraj Automobiles of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradeshr, a company of India, offered this Motorcycle to the world in 1992 promising 86 km per Litre of Diesel. Using the trusty Royal Enfield frame it used a Lombardini engine. Details from Car and Bike Internation Magazine. Sadly the bike is no longer in production.

Bretts Dnepr Lombardini Diesel Motorcycle

I'd like to thank Brett for sending me these pictures of his awsome diesel Dnepr.

A shot from the left side of Bretts Bike.

And a shot from the right without the sidecar.

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