Motorcycles using Mercedes/Smart/Suprex Parts

Smart Tiger by Neil Laughlin

I am the proud owner of this ground breaking motorcycle, the first production Smart Tiger on mainland Britain. 120mpg and 500+ mile range on a tank of fuel. This motorcycle pulls like a train and has to be the best touring motorcycle out there. 800cc 3 cyclinder engine with turbo coupled through a 6 speed ultima gearbox and dry Harley Clutch. 100mph+ performance and enough torque to make this probably the most effortless ride out there. A superb Motorcycle! Go here.

Andreas Loersch's BMW K80 Smart Bike.

Andreas Loersch shows his BMW K80 CDI at the 2009 Hamm rally. It sports one of the 800cc Mercedes engines.

A new smart bike for 2009.

Shochster Diesel Turbo.

I think this bike has a Mercedes engine fitted but if you know better let me know. It's a 1500cc turbo.

The EDIMO Smart Diesel Project

This bike made a showing at the 2005 Hamm Diesel Motorcycle Rally. They had trouble sorting the electronics out to run the Smart Engined project bike but got some help from the boatbuilders here. The engine is a Smart 800cc unit while the gearbox is Harley D.

edimo1.jpg edimopmrechtsalt.jpg


The Finished Bike

The EDIMO Smart Bike

BMW Smart Bike

Andreas Goschel has built this machine from a 1994 BMW and chosen to fit it with an 800cc Diesel Smart engine.

The 1994 BMW complete with Smart engine.

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