Diesel Motorcycles Using Moto Guzzi Parts

Petter Holte's Moto Guzzi Diesel Motorcycle.

This is my project for the winter of 2009. The bike is a Moto Guzzi California 2 1985 and the engine is a Yanmar from 1986 taken from a termoking ageregat.

Petter's Winter project, this fabulous California Diesel motorcycle.

Diesel Guzzi

Not got any details on this bike. I'm not certain what the engine is even. See more of this great bike in action on YouTube: Video's.

Hatz Moto Guzzi

Here we see Claude Baudin's Hatz powered Moto Guzzi. Claude finished the bike in early 2008 and has already attended a rally in North Carolina where the bike got plenty of attention. He rode 300 miles on half of a 6 gallon tank! And with his homemade biodiesel costing him US $.65/gallon... that ride was less than 2$ in fuel.

Polbengler Diesel Motorcycle

This machine sports a twin cylinder Ruggerini MD 191 engine of 851cc which sits nicely inside a Moto Guzzi V50 (1985) Frame. Based in Kenzingen, Germany the vehicle has a TUV certificate, can run on Rapeseed oil and took a total of 8 months to build.

Another Moto Guzzi Diesel Bike this time built by Heinrich Bührer.

The Cortenbach Diesel

I am indebted to Jurgen Schuster for supplying me with details of his Turbocharged Cortenbach motorcycle. This machine is powered by a 1000cc turbocharged Daihatsu engine that developes up to 45 hp. It consumes 3.4 ltr per 100km, runs equally well on jet-fuel or plant oil and has so far superceeded all expectations.The frame is pure Moto Guzzi.

The Cortenbach on the open road.

Recent modifications mean the front drum brake has been replaced with two disk units. I am told that if more funds were available then we could possibly see more of these bikes being made. The more modern machines would be likely to generate between 60-90 hp and consume 2-2.5 litres per 100 km.

Jurgen pictured with his Cortenbach Diesel Machine. Pictures from Motorrad.


Daihatsu Guzzi

This machine, formerly of the Carabineri made it's first showing at the Rally in 2004. Not sure what gearbox is used.

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