Motorcycle Photography

Courtesy of the Big knock & The Kingston & District Motorcycle Club.


Whether it's motorcycles or anything else for that matter, the same rules usually apply when taking photographs. I've had plenty of opportunities to shoot bikes in recent years and here you'll find a few of the better shots I've taken.

Father & son.

This is a favourite of mine I took this at a local MX funday meeting. I think I managed to capture something beyond the motorcycle and rider with this, the meeting being about having fun and passing on experience to younger riders in a none too compedative environment. Colour was good and I happened to be sunbathing and watching the jump action down the hill away when I turned to see this. Rule 1: Shoot your subject from midway as it'll give them the right height. Camera was a 10 meg Panasonic Lumix DCM-FS8.


I took this at the same meeting using an IPhone 3GS running the Hipstamatic App. The App lense setting in question gave me the slightly aged look I was after and the film setting completed the picture with it being set to Black & White. The distant pylon and sky make this shot for me. Rule 2: It doesn't matter what camera you're using. The rider didn't lose his bike and made it back to ground without breaking anything.

Old Honda XL600

Again I've used the Hipstamatic App, this time with an IPhone 4. I had to re-paint this cover but it had such a savage beauty about it I couldn't resist snapping it for posterity. This motorcycle had recently returned from a trip out the Germany and life on the open road is hard on old bikes. Rule 3: Shoot first & think later - capture the moment.

John Marshall!

It's all about capturing the moment and here we see seasoned biker John Marshall partying harder and faster than just about anyone else at a local music festival back in 2012. Again, the IPhone 4 and Hipstamatic App was used to give a 70's feel to the picture. I managed to bang off three quick shots and this was the one to use. Rule 4: Always flatter your subject - there's no point it releasing pictures that don't. (John'll love me for saying that!)

Kingston & District MX Meeting.

Here we have a shot that not only shows some action but also tells us a few more things. Other riders take a break and look on as a fellow club member stunt jumps the ramps. Again I went for the 70's look and set out the capture the big sky. Yeah, I know, I'm going overboard using the Hipstamatic App right? Well, it was a phase I was going through... Rule 5: It pays to present more.

Mark's Diesel Harley

A fine example of a bike shot in detail by Chris Taylor. Good colour on the sky with a filter used I think? This shot just says, 'I am Motorcycle' to me.

Fuel Tank.

Another shot from Chris who is fond of quoting Robert Capa's saying, "if your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough!". Good advice I reckon.

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