Diesel Motorcycles using M.Z. Parts

Allan's MZ Changfa Diesel Bike

Last year I started building a brand new Changfa 186, single cyl, 400 cc, 10hp diesel in a frame of a MZ ETZ 250. It is now running, but needs the last 20 hrs finish. The drive is a Comet 44 series Torque Converter. Works well. Top speed about 90 km/h, and holds 70 km/h as avarage cruise speed. Frame is made 40 mm longer to fit the engine.

The price is 1350 EUR, and you pick it up at my place near Aalborg in Denmark

Best regards, Allan

Allan Korup's Changfa MZ Diesel Motorcycle. We saw this at the Hamm 2012 event.

The Flitzbitz

This machine was recently produdced by the organiser of the German Rally, Reinhard. It consists of an MZ frame, lengthened slightly and the very latest Lombardini 440cc diesel engine. This machine has two stage injection and does almost 300 mpg. The chain to the rear wheel has be removed and replaced with a belt drive.

The Flitzbitz making its debut at the 2004 Rally in Hamm.

Engmann M.Z. Diesel Motorcycles

Engmann seem to have produced and offered several Diesel Motorcycles down the years, the MZ framed bike being the most prominant. Click here and here to see different pages of a magazine advert (german text) offering both Ruggerini 850cc and Robin 412cc bikes. Notice that Engmann has tilted the Robin engine in an effort to reduce vibrations. Niether of these machines are still being made, Engmann having died some time ago. The D3 means the bike requires 3 litres of Diesel to travel 100 km.


An MZ fitted with Fuji Robin engine. D2 means the bike requires 3 litres of Diesel per 100km.


An MZ ETZ301 fitted with 850cc Ruggerini MD 191 engine and Variomatic Drive

D3 Ruggerini

Righthand side view of the bike.


MZ Robin 412cc with Variomatic Primary Drive.

The MZ Robin DR400s 412cc single cylinder diesel with variomatic transmission is owned by William Hogervorst.With an engine producing 9.5 BHP Max speed is 55Mph. Only ten were ever converted by Robin and beyond that I know very little except that Robin also fitted thier engine into the Royal Enfield. I'm told some people do not like the Variomatic asspect of the machine, it being sometimes troublesome.

Go here to visit William's own Diesel Bike site.


MZ Robin - Only 10 were produced.

MZ & Sidecar

This interesting machine appears, at first sight to be some kind of one off. Further investigation uncovers that it was produced by one Mr Fritzsche from Zwickau, Eastern Germany. He has a small motorbike shop and also tried to produce a series of Diesel-MZ-conversion, but hasn't found an investor yet. Another sad story of someone with foresight but no backers. Again, it's an MZ, this time with a side car attached, but I'm not totally sure as to the engine. I am told Mr Fritzsche still builds customized Diesel MZs.Way to go.

MZ Diesel with Sidecar. Low orders mean this bike never got off the ground.


Reinhards 850cc Ruggerini twin

Reinhard tells me he first experienced this engine on a Variomatic bike and from then on decided to fit it to an MZ frame. He was not taken with the Variomatic part though and did not incorporate this. This bike is currently undergoing some repairs after an oil pipe fractured causing a piston seizure. Reinhard originally meant to make a small series of these bikes to sell. It is in this section because he is currently hard at work on a smaller machine which uses mainly belts instead of chains.



Red MZ Ruggerini 850 with Sidecar

This bike turned up at the Hamm 2003 Rally on a trailor but seemed fully functional. It has an 850cc Ruggerini engine. Thanks to Rafael for the picture.


A close-up shot of that Ruggerini engine.


Yanmar MZ


This machine came to the 2005 Hamm Rally. It appears to be a Chinese Yanmar engine inside an MZ Frame.

Brian Rutherford's MZ Yanmar Diesel Motorcycle

I live just outside Edinburgh in Scotland and have just finished my diesel MZ (they are never truly finished are they ?). It started life as a 1972 MZ 250 ES TROPHY that a friend gave to me a long time ago (5 years plus) . Then one night at my local rally bike club ( SPECIAL K ) I was discussing what to do with the TROPHY and how it was so ugly it was good. Another friend said that he had two Yanmars living under his bench at work and that they were going to be scrapped, so that was how the project began.

So one sorry looking MZ, two Yanmar LA 100 engines (one for spares), a box of comet cvt parts bought from e-Bay and the project was on. It was always going to be a long project because of other commitments: wife, children, friends, work, my other bikes and rallies. I have made as many parts as I could myself and what I could not do, my friends helped or the internet has proved me with. My friend Davey at spectrum bike paints (07788904946) did the subtle paint for me.

Your site has proved to be a very good source of ideas and information on what can be done.

Here is a list of parts I have made.

Main engine cradle
Battery box
Primary cover
Front brake anchor
Back brake arm
Front sprocket cover
Number plate

There are parts that have been modified originals or from other bikes but the list is quite long. I also wired it myself so I am not so sure about how long before the lights stop working.

Brian Rutherford's MZ based Diesel Motorcycle.

Unknown MZ Yanmar bike

Not sure of the details about this bike.

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