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The Hatz 'Diesel Max' Motorcycle and Sidecar

A regular at the Hamm rally now, Thomas Weis from Kirchdaun comes on his wonderful blue NSU 'Diesel Max' machine. The bike has an old Hatz engine at its core and a pretty unusual one at that. I was particularly taken with trying to work out the route the air took over the cyclinder. It has no fins, just an outer sleeve with many internal holes. I thought the air was blown over it but I'm told it may be sucked.



Big picture from 2002 rally while the smaller is from 2003. Some alterations evident on primary drive side.

Ola's Suzuki Rat Bike

A 1982 Suzuki gsx 1100e chassis, with German Farymann 250cc single diesel motor, 5 liter plastic can as tank, dustpan primary cover, deckchair-style foam seat. It produces 6.5bhp which goes to the rear wheel via an old NSU OSL 250cc clutch and gearbox. The engine itself is extensivelyrubber mounted and rotates back and forward to a quite alarming degree. The cage on the back was for a dog and the blue tube provides heat whever the rider wishes to stick it!

A 250cc Farymann engine in a Suzuki frame.

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