Motorcycles using Petter diesel engines

The Petter Ambassador Diesel Motorcycle

Constructed as the first project by Diesel Bike enthusiast Ernie Dorsett. Experience gained from building this machine was of great help when he decided to move on to building Matchless/AJS Diesels fitted with Robin/Fuji engines (see elsewhere) and numerous Royal enfield bikes.

The engine is a Petter 213cc unit giving out 3.5BHP. Frame is an Ambassador which probably came from an Envoy. 4 speed box is from a C11 BSA while forks and wheels are from a Honda. (don't they just look it!) Original petrol engine was a Villiers 174cc 21 unit. This bike was ridden by Ernie from John o Groats to Lands End in 1984. The bike was happiest at 35mph and did 120 mpg.

The Ambassador complete with 213cc Petter engine.

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