Motorcycles using Peugeot/P.S.A. engines

Peugeot HDI Superbike

Seen here at the Hamm 2009 rally is the French built Peugeot Superbike. This is certainly one of the very best diesel motorcycles we have ever seen!

Incredible attention to detail on this motorcycle means it is always a favourite with rally going public.


Here is a great looking machine from France fitted with a peugeot engine.

I've owned a couple of Kwakers in my time and this looks interesting, to say the least!


Andreas Kossmann's striking diesel motorcycle has a 1.4 litre PSA Ally lump in a Honda Bol'd'Or frame. Transmission is courtesy of Kawasaki.

The early morning mist rises at the 2nd Hamm Rally to reveal an awsome monster of a bike.

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