Private Diesel Motorcycle Conversions (By Engine I-R)

Al's Honda 750 Super Sport Kubota.

Many thanks to Al for submitting his converted Honda 750 Super sport. The motorcycle now has a Kubota D600 3 cylinder diesel engine and has been adapted to run on bio-diesel. Drive is curtesy of a #40 Comet CVT. This bike was converted by Al from Peterborough, Ontario and has been shown at the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Rally.

On show at the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Rally.

On show at the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Rally.

The Kawabota D600 Diesel Motorcycle

This Motorcycle was posted to me and first put onto our Facebook page before going up here. Kawasaki fitted with a BSA A10 gearbox and, of course, a Kubota 600 cc engine. Save these shots to view in a bigger size. Thanks for submitting!

Bet it's economical to ride!

Nice painwork all over on this bike.

If you live north of the border keep you eye's peeled for this motorcycle. Or maybe it's in Germany?

Cdog's Kubota D600 Diesel Motorcycle

This machine has been built by Cdog and consists of an extended custom Honda CX500 Frame complete with a Kubota D600 engine. Top speed we are told is in the mid 50's and the bike produces 13 horsepower producing a smooth ride with decent acceleration. Chat to Cdog on the forum for more info.

Cdog's Diesel powered motorcycle.

The Lakusch Diesel Motorcycle

Built by Helmut Schmidt, this bike had to be one of the highlights of the Hamm 2003 Rally. Presented in showroom condition the machine consists of a Kubota ZB600G-1 engine which has been neatly fitted into a Laverda Frame. The transmission is from a B.S.A bike.


The Lakusch 600cc Diesel Motorcycle

The Suzuki Kubota Diesel Electric Bike.

diesel electric 3 phase bike

Kubota engine drives a 52 volt 3 phase generator from a Helicopter which in turn powers two 24v motors which drive the rear wheel. Rectifying diodes can be seen under the front of the tank. I can testify that this machine goes well after seeing it being ridden about at the Hamm 2005 rally. There is a fair length video of this motorcycle running on YouTube!

- - -

As I receive quite a few emails from people interested in this bike I've posted the above pictures which should, when saved, appear full size to show detail. Enjoy.

Russian Kubota Diesel Motorcycle

I saw this machine at the 2003 Rally, thinking at first, it was a 1000cc Hatz powered Dnepr. But on closer inspection it appears to be a Kubota powered bike.

Looks very like the Loew bike......but I'm told the engine is a Kubota and not a Hatz.

Kubota Diesel Bike

This bike was shown at the 2005 Hamm Rally

I saw this at Hamm 2005. Not sure what the frame is though or engine size.

The Flitzbitz

This machine was recently produdced by the organiser of the German Rally, Reinhard. It consists of an MZ frame, lengthened slightly and the very latest Lombardini 440cc diesel engine. This machine has two stage injection and does almost 300 mpg. The chain to the rear wheel has be removed and replaced with a belt drive.

The Flitzbitz making its debut at the 2004 Rally in Hamm.

The Modite 1 Diesel Motorcycle

The beautiful looking motorcycle started life as a BMW R45 before the engine was removed and a Lombardini LDW water cooled twin fitted This engine is capable of generating 17bhp. Hubert, the bikes creator, was unable to attend the Hamm rally 2003 as he is currently engaged in constructing a new house. If it turns out anything like as good as his bikes do this man should seriously consider going into the building trade (if he isn't already).



These pictures of mine do not do this bike justice. It was the best turned out bike at the 2002 Rally

The Pink Diesel Motorcycle

A Russian Dnepr framed Motorcycle with an Italian Lombardini engine. It belongs to Pasi and Lisa Pellikka.


One large Pink Russian Please!


Brett's Dnepr Lombardini Diesel Motorcycle

I'd like to thank Brett for sending me these pictures of his awsome looking Diesel Dnepr.

A shot from the left side of Brett's Bike.

And a shot from the right without the sidecar.

Hieko's Triump Tiger Lombardini Conversion

This machine made by Hieko (again go to the forum to find out more about this prolific diesel bike builder) is being touted as the next step on for those considering a build. It uses a 3 cylinder Lombardini engine coupled to an Ultima gearbox. That assy is mounted into a Mk1 Triumph Tiger. To date (5/9/09) 3 have been built. This particular bike is owned by the forums Diesel Dave.

Diesel Dave's Diesel Tiger.


"JAWA" on solar oil.

Specification JAWA-375D. Engine - MADEK CH-6D • Type - Diesel, 4-stroke, direct injection - Number of cylinders - 1 • a working volume of - 375 cm3 • Bore and Stroke - 80/75 mm • compression - 19,3 • lubrication system - forced • Maximum capacity - 6 hp - 3000rpm.

Jawa Diesel motorcycle by Vladimir Shlyakhova, Kiev, Ukraine.


Norton ES2

This machine was modified by A Freeman Sanders of Newlyn, Cornwall at some time during the mid part of the last century. The engine produced 18.5hp at 4500rpm and was reportedly capable of speeds up to 70 mph. Fuel consumption was said to be in the region of 140mpg. The pictures below were from the September 1992 edition of The Classic Motorcycle.

This 490cc machine was featured in the Practical Motorist and Motor cyclist magazine November 1954 and in The Motor cycle's September edition of the same year. This motorcycles engine was unusual in that only the cylinder head and barrel were apparently modified. Given that the compression ratio was a reported 11.8:1, one assumes that the bottom end was easily able to cope with the marginally different combustion.

A nice close up shot of the barrel and pump set up.Mr Freeman Sanders went on to design engines for Lister, a company well known for their general purpose engines.

Dutch Zeus Trike

This machine made its first appearance at the 2004 Rally. Its Dutch and is owned by Teun Luigjes. It has a Peugeot Diesel engine and many went to Japan I'm told.

Perugina 175 Diesel Motorcycle Conversion

Enrico tells me his Uncle produced this bike, working from home, in 1978. He appears to have achieved the impossible and converted a Petrol Perugina 175 to Diesel. If the translation is correct, very little has changed on the engine apart from some of the casing. Fuel consumption is in the region of 90 km to 1 litre at 80 km per hour. Imagine the faces of petrol bikers says Enrico! His uncle also converted some cars, an old fiat 500 diesel and fiat 850 coupè turbo diesel.

Enrico's Diesel Perugina 175 built in 1978.


The Petter Ambassador Diesel Motorcycle

Constructed as the first project by Diesel Bike enthusiast Ernie Dorsett. Experience gained from building this machine was of great help when he decided to move on to building more Matchless/AJS Diesels fitted with Robin/Fuji engines (see elsewhere) and numerous Royal enfield bikes.

The engine is a Petter 213cc unit giving out 3.5BHP. Frame is an Ambassador which probably came from an Envoy. 4 speed box is from a C11 BSA while forks and wheels are from a Honda. (don't they just look it!) Original petrol engine was a Villiers 174cc 21 unit. This bike was ridden by Ernie from John o Groats to Lands End in 1984. The bike was happiest at 35mph and did 120 mpg.

A picture of the Ambassador now back at Ernies house after a spell in a Cornish Museum. The engine is a 213cc Petter.

Peugeot HDI Superbike

Seen here at the Hamm 2009 rally is the French built Peugeot Superbike. This is certainly one of the very best diesel motorcycles we have ever seen!


Here is a great looking machine fitted with a peugeot 405 1.9litre engine.

I've owned a cople of Kwakers in my time and this looks interesting. The belt drive shown here is of the variable variety. The water bottle under the seat provides cooling water via the pipe that snakes down between the wheels.



Andreas Kossmann's striking diesel motorcycle has a 1.4 litre PSA Ally lump in a Honda Bol'd'Or frame. Transmission is courtesy of Kawasaki.

The early morning mist rises at the 2nd Hamm Rally to reveal an awsome monster of a bike.


Ken's Punsen V Twin Diesel Motorcycle

Thanks to Ken for sending me a few shots of his Diesel Motorcycle.

Mark's Punsun Diesel Harley Sportster

He we see Mark's Harley Davidson conversion. Complete with Punsun V twin engine this bike made its first public appearance at the 2008 Big Knock Diesel Bike rally in West Sussex. The drive is CVT.

The Punsun engine from China is becoming a favourite amongst builders of diesel motorcycles. But beware, some have failed as did Marks.

Brett's Punsen Harley.

My Harley sportster is nearly finished. Still have minor issues to attend to - throttle sticking at handlebars; 2d hole in dash needs to be filled; rear footpegs?; paint headlight housing; put on cvt cover; etc.. Rode it the other day when the weather was beautiful. no problems thus far other than the throttle sticking. only got her up to about 45 mph not wanting to go too far without proper licensing. will do that this coming week hopefully as i wait for decent weather and finish off bits and bobs.

From my understanding it was originally a 1969 sporty. frame change before i got it to a 1992 frame, so titled as 1992 Harley. Punsun 812cc v-twin, crossmembers welded and rubber mounted, comet duster cvt, rsd, LEFT FOOT BRAKE (odd), dual disc front, dual tanks independently plumbed so veg can be used, custom metallic purple paint (iridescent and seems to change color. fun!).

Thundercougarfalconbird Punsen Kawasaki GPZ900 conversion

Checkout more on this bike on the forum! And yes, that is the builders nick name on there!

Ian's Ruggerini Diesel Motorcycle

Ian's bike, finished in 2009. It has a Ruggerini RD211 23hp 954cc engine at its heart.


Dave's 1981 CB650 Custom Bio-Diesel Ruggerini Motorcycle

This is a Bio-Diesel Motorcycle I've put together. It started life as a 1981 Honda CB650 Custom, now sports a turbocharged 954cc Ruggerini diesel twin running on Biodiesel. It's automatic with single speed centrifugal clutch. Best MPG to date has been 128mpg, best top speed to date @ 83mph. I'm sorry for using a cheap phone video, I'll get a better video soon. Thanks, Dave. Video.

Sorry about the poor image - it's the best I could get.


Colin Clarke's 'Ruggerfield'.

This is the Royal Enfield converted by Colin Clarke in the 1990's. Using all his skills as a machinist he created a primary cover, milled blocks and fabricated brackets to hold a Ruggerini MD 191 850cc twin securely in place on this Enfield Bullet. I bought this bike at auction after hearing about it on the grapevine. See here or the story of how I won this bike at that auction.

Colin Clarke's creation. A bike that was fondly known as 'his baby'.


Dave Emmons 1981 954cc Honda Ruggerini RD211.


Red MZ Ruggerini 850 with Sidecar

This bike turned up at the Hamm 2003 Rally on a trailor but seemed fully functional. It has an 850cc Ruggerini engine. Thanks to Rafael for the picture.


A close-up shot of that Ruggerini engine.


Royal Enfield Ruggerini Diesel Motorcycle

Unlike the new Centaurus this is an older Bike which seems to have been a private conversion.


Yamaha XJ750 Ruggerini

Here we see the second of Sam Brumby's machines, the awesome looking Yamaha XJ fitted with a Ruggerini Diesel.

Update From Sam:

I was having some problems with the chains on the bike, very noisy and always in need of adjustment, so I investigated changing the front chain to toothed belt. This could have been done for £100, but did not go for it as the belt was £50 of this price & was about a weeks delivery, I could just imagine being broken down away from home waiting for a belt. Instead I fitted twin v-belts and this seems to be working fine. While I was on the case I decided to change the overall ratio & changed the leyshaft to clutch from a 14 tooth cog to a 17 tooth cog. The bike now cruises at 80kph & tops out at 100kph. It is now much quieter.

Sam Brumby's Ruggerini engined Yamaha.

Polbengler Diesel Motorcycle

This machine sports a twin cylinder Ruggerini MD 191 engine of 851cc which sits nicely inside a Moto Guzzi V50 (1985) Frame. Based in Kenzingen, Germany the vehicle has a TUV certificate, can run on Rapeseed oil and took a total of 8 months to build.

Another Moto Guzzi Diesel Bike this time built by Heinrich Bührer.

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