Motorcycles using Punsen diesel engines

Whiskers Punsen Harley Davidson motorcycle.

A great shot of Whiskers riding out from the UK diesel motorcycle rally, the Big Knock in 2009.

Beautiful case over the primary drive made by Brian.

Ken's Punsen V Twin Diesel Motorcycle

Thanks to Ken for sending me a few shots of his Diesel Motorcycle.

Brett's Punsen Harley.

My Harley sportster is nearly finished. Still have minor issues to attend to - throttle sticking at handlebars; 2d hole in dash needs to be filled; rear footpegs?; paint headlight housing; put on cvt cover; etc.. Rode it the other day when the weather was beautiful. no problems thus far other than the throttle sticking. only got her up to about 45 mph not wanting to go too far without proper licensing. will do that this coming week hopefully as i wait for decent weather and finish off bits and bobs.

From my understanding it was originally a 1969 sporty. frame change before i got it to a 1992 frame, so titled as 1992 Harley. Punsun 812cc v-twin, crossmembers welded and rubber mounted, comet duster cvt, rsd, LEFT FOOT BRAKE (odd), dual disc front, dual tanks independently plumbed so veg can be used, custom metallic purple paint (iridescent and seems to change color. fun!).


Thundercougarfalconbird Punsen Kawasaki GPZ900 conversion

Checkout more on this bike on the forum! And yes, that is the builders nick name on there!


Mark's Punsun Diesel Harley Sportster

He we see Mark's Harley Davidson conversion. Complete with Punsun V twin engine this bike made its first public appearance at the 2008 Big Knock Diesel Bike rally in West Sussex. The drive is CVT.

The Punsun engine from China is becoming a favourite amongst builders of diesel motorcycles.

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