Motorcycles using Ruggerini Parts

Ian's Ruggerini Diesel Motorcycle

Ian's bike, finished in 2009. It has a Ruggerini RD211 23hp 954cc engine at its heart.

Dave's 1981 CB650 Custom Bio-Diesel Ruggerini Motorcycle

This is a Bio-Diesel Motorcycle I've put together. It started life as a 1981 Honda CB650 Custom, now sports a turbocharged 954cc Ruggerini diesel twin running on Biodiesel. It's automatic with single speed centrifugal clutch. Best MPG to date has been 128mpg, best top speed to date @ 83mph. I'm sorry for using a cheap phone video, I'll get a better video soon. Thanks, Dave. Video.

Sorry about the poor image - it's the best I could get.


Colin Clarke's 'Ruggerfield'.

This is the Royal Enfield converted by Colin Clarke in the 1990's. Using all his skills as a machinist he created a primary cover, milled blocks and fabricated brackets to hold a Ruggerini MD 191 850cc twin securely in place on this Enfield Bullet. I bought this bike at auction after hearing about it on the grapevine. See here or the story of how I won this bike at that auction.

Colin Clarke's creation. A bike that was fondly known as 'his baby'.

Dave Emmons 1981 954cc Honda Ruggerini RD211.

Polbengler Diesel Motorcycle

This machine sports a twin cylinder Ruggerini MD 191 engine of 851cc which sits nicely inside a Moto Guzzi V50 (1985) Frame. Based in Kenzingen, Germany the vehicle has a TUV certificate, can run on Rapeseed oil and took a total of 8 months to build.

Another Moto Guzzi Diesel Bike this time built by Heinrich Bührer.

Yamaha XJ750 Ruggerini

Here we see the second of Sam Brumby's machines, the awesome looking Yamaha XJ fitted with a Ruggerini Diesel.


I was having some problems with the chains on the bike, very noisy and always in need of adjustment, so I investigated changing the front chain to toothed belt. This could have been done for £100, but did not go for it as the belt was £50 of this price & was about a weeks delivery, I could just imagine being broken down away from home waiting for a belt. Instead I fitted twin v-belts and this seems to be working fine. While I was on the case I decided to change the overall ratio & changed the leyshaft to clutch from a 14 tooth cog to a 17 tooth cog. The bike now cruises at 80kph & tops out at 100kph. It is now much quieter.

Sam Brumby's Ruggerini engined Yamaha.

The Centaurus 850cc Diesel Motorcycle

I had the pleasure of seeing one of the very first Centaurus Diesel Bikes at the 2003 Hamm Rally and can say they are a very nice looking and sounding bike. The Ruggerini 850cc engine with it's distinctive cylinders, fits very well into the Royal Enfield frame. For more information on this machine check out these links: IWAN Motorcycles, It seems the engine used on this particular bike was a bad design by Ruggerini. Both pistons going up and down together caused too much vibration. Other models such as the MD191 are more suited as they are more traditional in design. One piston up whilst one piston is down.


The Centaurus. Available for under 7000 euros

RUGGFIELD 850cc Diesel Motorcycle

The guys involved with this project sent me their website and I and happy to put it up here for all to see.

The conversion kit can no longer be purchased as the website is down.

Reinhards 850cc Ruggerini Twin

Reinhard tells me he first experienced this engine on a Variomatic bike and from then on decided to fit it to an MZ frame. He was not taken with the Variomatic part though and did not incorporate this. This bike is currently undergoing some repairs after an oil pipe fractured causing a piston seizure. Reinhard originally meant to make a small series of these bikes to sell. It is in this section because he is currently hard at work on a smaller machine which uses mainly belts instead of chains.



Engmann M.Z. Diesel Motorcycles

Engmann seem to have produced and offered several Diesel Motorcycles down the years, the MZ framed bike being the most prominant. Click here and here to see different pages of a magazine advert (german text) offering both Ruggerini 850cc and Robin 412cc bikes. Notice that Engmann has tilted the Robin engine in an effort to reduce vibrations. Niether of these machines are still being made, Engmann having died some time ago.the D3 means the bike requires 3 litres of Diesel to travel 100 km.


Engmannmzruggerini.jpgD3 Ruggerini

An MZ ETZ301 fitted with 850cc Ruggerini MD 191 engine and Variomatic Drive. Right side bike may not have Variomatic.

Red MZ Ruggerini 850 with Sidecar

This bike turned up at the Hamm 2003 Rally on a trailor but seemed fully functional. It has an 850cc Ruggerini engine. Thanks to Rafael for the picture.


A close-up shot of that Ruggerini engine.

Royal Enfield Ruggerini Diesel Motorcycle

Unlike the new Centaurus this is an older Bike which seems to have been a private conversion.

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