Diesel Scooters

Mike Sieberts Yanmar (clone) Scooter

Mike ( a confirmed scooterist) built this scooter with the smallest size Yanmar Clone he could find. He says it looks like an old mini-bike frame but it is new and larger - and it's street legal!

See a You-Tube link of it when Mike took it for it`s first ride.

Cushman Diesel Scooter

I know nothing about this scooter other than it is said to be a Cushman?

Diesel Vespa

You can read more on this in the 2012 Hamm Rally report. It has 625cc and 14HP. Crazy!

The Engmann Simon Diesel Scooter

Here we see a prototype 5.5 HP Strong Diesel engine transplanted into a Simson SR50 scooter.

It seems Gerd Engmann did not only convert MZ's!


Diesel Scooter

Holger Mesle was inspired to build this Lombardini engined Diesel Scooter after seeing pictures of both Cushmann and Simplex machines. He is currently trying to make the machine road legal in Germany which is no mean feat when you have to get the machine past the TÜV (Technikal Test Service). Holger tells me the scooter does 100km/h and weighs in at 120kg. The engine is a 440cc model which drives through a Comet Variomatik transmission.

Holger Mesle used some parts from the East German Simpson to build his Diesel Scooter.

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