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We currently have some quality Patches up for sale. They are Quality, 4" x 1" Embroided 'Iron on' but can also be sewn on.

Prices are as follows: Any Patch £3.50 each. Buy all four and get the lot for £12!

Postage & Packing to UK will be low because I can send out at letter rate provided they are not signed for items.

If you want your patches sent by registered mail then I'll have to get a quote for you on that.

Your Order: Please send your shipping address to the email below.


We'll sort out your payment to PayPal using another email address:

Patches feature the Website address, Motto (by compression, not by spark), Miles with Smiles and finally, Eat my Soot!(particulates).

Tip: If sewing these Patches onto Leather be sure to use Polyester cotton.

Unlike normal cotton, this will not be be weakened by the solution used to tan leather hide.