Diesel Motorcycles using Triumph Part's

Smart Tiger by Neil Laughlin

I am the proud owner of this ground breaking motorcycle, the first production Smart Tiger on mainland Britain. 120mpg and 500+ mile range on a tank of fuel. This motorcycle pulls like a train and has to be the best touring motorcycle out there. 800cc 3 cyclinder engine with turbo coupled through a 6 speed ultima gearbox and dry Harley Clutch. 100mph+ performance and enough torque to make this probably the most effortless ride out there. A superb Motorcycle! Go here.


Hieko's Triump Tiger Lombardini Conversion

This machine made by Hieko (again go to the forum to find out more about this prolific diesel bike builder) is being touted as the next step on for those considering a build. It uses a 3 cylinder Lombardini engine coupled to an Ultima gearbox. That assy is mounted into a Mk1 Triumph Tiger. To date (5/9/09) 3 have been built. This particular bike is owned by the forums Diesel Dave.

Diesel Dave's Diesel Tiger.

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