Motorcycles using Volkswagen VW Part's

Dutch ThunderStar 1200 TDI

This amazing looking machine was recently shown in Holland. Details are as follows: Engine is a 1200cc three-cylinder out of an VW Lupo 3L TDI. It originally produced 61 hp and 140 Nm. With Chiptuning it has improved to 90 hp or 210 Nm. For more information and pictures go here.


Surely this is the future?

VW diesel motorbike by Russ (Mouse).

Russ picked up this 1995 VW 1.9Litre Golf engine for a grand total of £21and fitted it into an old Dnepr frame. It's seen here at the 2011 Hamm Rally. The motorbike made it there and back despite having to recieve a new battery on route. Months later it put a piston through the side of the engine and sadly is no more. More on this bike on the forum.

Russ is known on the UK Ratbike scene for his diesel motorcycle builds.

Lupo VW Diesel Bike

Johann Neppl's LUPO motorcycle has a 3 cylinder 1.2 litre engine.

This machine utilises VW gearbox as well as the LUPO engine.


CBR 1600cc TurboDiesel Motorcycle

This Honda CBR 1600 Turbo Diesel was put together by Werner Bratenstein. The engine,coming from a Golf 2, gives the bike a rather wide look when the fairing is fitted but the specially strengthened frame has no problem handling the weight of the power plant.

Honda CBR 1600 Turbo. A bike that certainly got noticed at the Hamm 2003 Rally.


Karl Hofschaller from Bavarian has built this amazing looking machine. If I'm correct it has a Golf engine and the frame is Kawasaki GPZ 1000 RX

A Gulf engined Kawasaki that really looks very desirable. More information here.

The Dabrowski Ungetuem Diesel Trike

I first saw this machine when it arrived back at the 2002 Rally. It made a second appearance at the 2003 Rally as well and was one of the most interesting creations there. The chassis is partly Golf front end with a 1.6 Litre Diesel engine hidden under the main canopy which is wooden. Detlef Dabrowski's driving position is most interesting as he sits perched on an upright square cusioned seat the like of which I have never seen before in a motor vehicle.



The unusual Ungetuem Trike.

Alaskan Custom Diesel Chopper

This bike was built in 2004 by Why Not Designs, LLC . Comments out there say it's a 1.6L diesel with propane injection and flamethrowers. It has parts from tractors to cars to airplanes. The project was a Colorado School of Mines Engineering project.

An Alaskan Diesel Chopper complete with flame-throwers. I guess they should warm the rider (and others?) up some!

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