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Kerry's Diesel Yamaha Motorcycle

Here is my diesel motorcycle that I designed and built about 4 - 5 years ago. It is a 440cc, 10 hp diesel generator engine from China mounted on a 1982 Yamaha 650 Twin frame. Note the drive consists of a variable speed belt drive that first goes up to a shaft with bearing and sprocket that drives a chain that then turns the second shaft and sprocket that drives the rear wheel. I had to do this because it was impossible to run the power directly to the rear wheel due to the fact that the rear fork pivot was in the way. The bike has a top speed of 55mph with this gearing and gets from 100 - 135mpg. It runs on diesel or biodiesel (either B20 or B100). It is running on B100 now. It has been running very reliably since I built it with virtually no maintenance necessary.

Kerry Appel
La Junta, Colorado

Kerry's 440cc, 10 hp Yamaha conversion can do 135 miles to the gallon.

Yamaha XJ750 Ruggerini

Here we see the second of Sam Brumby's machines, the awesome looking Yamaha XJ fitted with a Ruggerini Diesel.


I was having some problems with the chains on the bike, very noisy and always in need of adjustment, so I investigated changing the front chain to toothed belt. This could have been done for £100, but did not go for it as the belt was £50 of this price & was about a weeks delivery, I could just imagine being broken down away from home waiting for a belt. Instead I fitted twin v-belts and this seems to be working fine. While I was on the case I decided to change the overall ratio & changed the leyshaft to clutch from a 14 tooth cog to a 17 tooth cog. The bike now cruises at 80kph & tops out at 100kph. It is now much quieter.

Sam Brumby's Ruggerini engined Yamaha.


Blaine's bike is made from a 1982 Yamaha 185. He has fitted an Acme diesel generator engine ADX 300 (300cc) that puts out 8hp. A TAV 20 Torque convertor has been used for the drive. The machine is almost finished save for the exhaust and fuel filter lines. More details to come.

DIESEL one-of-a kind Motorcycle (Blaines bike again?? Looks like it to me!)


1982 Yamaha exciter 185 motorcycle frame with a diesel Acme Motori ADX370 engine (Main features: one cylinder diesel engine - 4 stroke - direct injection - forced air cooling - forced lubrication - dry air cleaner - automatic centrifugal speed governor - automatic fuel supplement - automatic self bleeding fuel device – pull rope start, the kind you wind up every time - anticlockwise rotation, INFO: http://www.almotori.co.za/main.html ). Comes with a Comet Automatic Torque Converter (The Comet Asymmetric concept operates on an in-line principal with the torque sensing cam in an outboard attitude. Only this system is designed to operate this way, thus makes it possible to force the belt to a diameter within the drive clutch (at high RPM) that exceeds the usual 1:1 ratio of standard systems. The TAV2 can actually attain an .90:1 or 10% overdrive. This make for very smooth acceleration. See more at: http://www.hoffcocomet.com/comet/pdf/162608a-tav2-30-new.pdf ).
Maximum horsepower is 7.1 at 3600 rpm’s, which moves the bike at 50 mph max; excellent on fuel consumption. This bike is good for someone who loves diesels, not meant for someone who just loves the idea of a diesel motorcycle, but, it does turn a lot of heads. The frame is very old with some rust, not in great condition, but runs very well. AS IS with no warranties. Mileage is exempt/unknown. Street legal and ready to run.

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