Diesel Motorcycles using Suzuki Parts


Suzuki GSX Yanmar

Here we see a machine constructed in 2006 by Richard Coles. Based around a Suzuki GSX 250E, this motorcycle has had its engine replaced with a 406cc Yanmar L100 (taper shaft). Gearbox is a 3 speed pre-unit affair with the shift lever fitted up by the tank. More on this build here.

Richard's Diesel Motorcycle from the U.K.

The Suzuki Kubota Diesel Electric Bike.

diesel electric 3 phase bike

Kubota engine drives a 52volt 3 phase generator from a chopper which in turn powers two 24v motors which drive the rear wheel. Rectifying diodes can be seen under the front of the tank. I can testify that this machine goes well after seeing it being ridden about at the Hamm 2005 rally. More shots here.


Suzuki Changfa Diesel Motorcycle

Many thanks to Jerry James who recently let me know of his Suzuki based machine. The GS550L now sports an 8.8HP 6.5kw Air cooled Changfa Generator motor and uses a torque converter to drive the rear wheel. Engine is a CF186F unit.


A nice shot of the bike just showing the rear of that torque coverter in there.

The Turbine Diesel Motorcycle

Shades of the American Turbine bike here only I suspect this one is not quite so expensive. The frame is Suzuki GT550 while the turbine is a GTP 30 which is about 30 years old. It pumps out 90hp at 58000 revs (phew!) and with the bike weighing as little as 160kg you had better be careful if you ever get to ride this machine. Turbines run on kerosene but you only have to detune a little to get them running on good ole diesel. More details here at Turbine 1. Just follow the Bike link.


Hang on for a fast ride folks! Turbines are the order of the day here.

Hickson Special


Behold, Brian Hickson's diesel Special! With a Kubota diesel engine and other parts from a Mini', Toyota Corolla, Honda and Suzuki Mr Hickson put together a bike that reaches 87 km/h and costs 1.3c a kilometre on fuel to run. Much more elsewhere on this site regarding this bike.

Ola's Suzuki Rat Bike

A 1982 Suzuki gsx 1100e chassis, with German Farymann 250cc single diesel motor, 5 liter plastic can as tank, dustpan primary cover, deckchair-style foam seat. It produces 6.5bhp which goes to the rear wheel via an old NSU OSL 250cc clutch and gearbox. The engine itself is extensivelyrubber mounted and rotates back and forward to a quite alarming degree. The cage on the back was for a dog and the blue tube provides heat whever the rider wishes to stick it!

A 250cc Farymann engine in a Suzuki frame. Save this shot for a bigger picture.

Diesel Wiesel

This machine was built (I think) by Bernhard in Germany and consists of a 1 cylinder Yanmar engine of 406cc fitted into a Suzuki Marauder Frame.


The Diesel Wiesel - what a great name. To find out more go to the homepage here.

Yanmar Diesel Marauder

Still in it's early stages this Suzuki Marauder is to be fitted with a 10 HP 406cc Yanmar L100AE engine. It is planned that the original Gearbox will be used.

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