Diesel Trikes

Trikes are pretty popular here in the U.K. and also in the U.S. to some degree but you don't see many powered by diesel engines. This page is dedicated solely to these 3 wheeled machines.

Diesel trike, Kawasaki meets VW Rabbit

I don't know much at all about this build but the guy himself is on Youtube as Mranglia58 so if you've any questions go look him up. I guess he is based in the US? The engine is 1.6 Litre on the VW Rabbit. Nice build!


Porky's Diesel Trike

I first saw this trike at the 2010 motorcycle show in Uttoxeter, U.K. but here it made a show at the Dent gathering in 2012.

A close up shot of the engine as seen from the Lefthand side.

And finally a shot I took from the right side of the Trike.

Kevin and Sharon's Ford Diesel Trike

Kevin and Sharon have attended the Big Knock rally in the U.K. on several occassions. The trike itself using a Ford 1.8 Litre Ford diesel engine commonly found in the older Ford Escort vans of the day. They went well - we should know because we owned one! Kev told me the Trike did suffer some damage in recent years after hitting some poorly maintained road but I know it is now back on the road.

Kevin and Sharon's Ford Diesel Trike.

Honda G10 V Twin Diesel

This Morgan style Trike, made mainly from old British car parts, is powered by a Honda G10 V Twin Diesel engine.

We saw this Trike for the first time at the 2011 Big Knock rally. Check it out here.

Here's a closer shot of this really quite rare engine. Dig the foot rests!

Diesel Trike Trajka

I came across this chopper style diesel Trike on YouTube.

Trike 1600ccm Turbo Diesel. Youtube link to TrikeZWA

Tony's Peugeot 405 Trike.

It wouldn't be a British Bike rally without a Trike being present and thanks to Tony and son for travelling down from Stockport to attend the 2010 Big Knock rally on theirs.

He's a look at the business end. It runs on a Peugeot 405 engine. Again, it's the first time we've seen this Trike so thanks Tony for bringing it down.

The Diesel Liesl Trike

The "diesel Liesl" made by the skilled guys from Rittersberger Bude, has today, the 22/04/2011, finally have reached a breakthrough. The first attempt to start the infernal machine has succeeded almost immediately and it has even begun the first test drive. After battery problems we had no other complications in the ride and our development team has a reason to celebrate. Congratulations to Tino and Matthias, for their major breakthrough. Cheers! :-)

These shot's were taken from the guys online video. Checkout the trike here. Cool machine!

Various Indian Diesel Powered Trikes and Taxis.

Based around the Royal Enfield diesel motorcycle, which was produced in India for many years, these taxi cabs are a common sight on the streets of that country.

The owners of such machines decorate them to attract customers

I'm told the three-wheeler is a Harley-Davidson Servicar. Originally powered by a 750 side valve motor, same as used in the WLA. This one has clearly been fitted with some sort of Diesel engine. The Picture is from India.

Diesel Cargo Trike

Seen on Youtube, this is advertised as a Cargo bike to transport stuff about the yard. It's in Corunna,Michigan if you fancy a ride. Built be Will Foster.

Insane Diesel Trike / motorcycle / moped with chinese changfa!

Posted to Youtube by itsst172. Go checkout the crazy ride!

Made froman old moped and a 3.3HP chinese diesel.

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